Janna Watson named one of 10 artists to collect at Seattle Art Fair

Janna Watson abstract painting presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Visit Foster/White gallery at booth C33


Janna Watson has been named by Artsy as one of the 10 'artists to collect' at the upcoming Seattle Art Fair. Visit Foster/White Gallery's booth to see Watson's new work August 4 - 7, 2016 at CenturyLink Field Event Center, Seattle.



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REAL PAINT Closing reception today in Toronto

Shaun Downey, In Autumn Light, 12 x 12 inches, oil on canvas.


Closing reception: Saturday July 30th, 2-4pm

Bau-Xi Toronto, 340 Dundas St West

Drop in to enjoy these contemporary realism works before they are gone, and meet artists Shaun Downey, William Lazos and Chris Temple.



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Michael Wolf photograph Paris Rooftops presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Paris Rooftops 12, chromogenic print, editions of 9 in 2 sizes. Click image for more information.

Michael Wolf is an internationally renowned photographer, known for his impressive large format images of dense architectural landscapes in cities like Paris, Chicago and Hong Kong.

Wolf began his interest in photography when studying at UC Berkeley and the Folkwang School with Otto Steinert in Essen, Germany. Wolf later moved to Hong Kong in 1994 to begin his artistic career as a contract photographer for Stern Magazine. Since 2001, Wolf has been focusing on his own projects, drawing his focus to the tradition of socially concerned photography, while also engaging with the radical transformation of photography of recent years. From this unique perspective, he has produced a body of work which deals with the complex reality of contemporary city life in a way that defies categorization.

Michael Wolf’s work has been exhibited in numerous locations including the Venice Biennale for Architecture; Aperture Gallery, New York; Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tampere, Finland; Museum for Work in Hamburg, Germany; Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennial; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago. His work is held in many permanent collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Brooklyn Museum, New York; San Jose Museum of Art, California; Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; Museum Folkwang, Essen; German Museum for Architecture, Frankfurt.


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Artist Q&A: Janna Watson shares elements of her successful painting practice

Janna Watson abstract painting presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Janna Watson, No Strict Rhythm, 2016, 48 x 48 inches, acrylic on canvas with resin coating 


1. Where do you draw inspiration for your paintings?

Everyone has a need for escapism. Even if you're someone who doesn't drink or watch movies, or have someone to flirt with or have a religion- I'm sure you dream at night. My abstractions are intentional escapes into non-reality.

2. How do you begin a painting, with colour or composition?  

I begin a painting by choosing a background colour/wash.  From there I move into the composition of colour.  I do this intuitively.  

3. Related to last: which do you feel is most important in painting, colour or composition?  

Both are equally important.  I play with negative space and contrast with both colour and composition to create tension in my pieces. 

4. How much time do you devote to planning the painting versus actually painting it?  

I don't literally take time to plan a specific painting but I feel that being outside of my studio away from my work is just as productive as being in the studio.  Being able to step away from the work and come back with "fresh eyes" is just as important as actually creating.  There are paintings that have taken me 2 months and paintings that have taken me 2 magical hours.  It's all about the moment.  

5. Do you prefer the composition planning stage, or the painting stage?

Working out with the paint is always most satisfying.

6. How does it feel when a completed piece leaves your studio?  

It always feels good because then I have a bit of extra space!  

7. Where do the titles of your paintings come from?  

For abstract work I feel that titling the work is important.  It gives the viewer an extra entrance into an already convoluted image.  I title my pieces after they are finished.  Sometimes the title comes to me instantly and sometimes it takes a few days.  It's cheesy, but I read a lot of poetry and this helps.  Words I've read come back to me in different forms and these become titles.  

8. What would you like people to feel when they look at your work?  

I have a few of my paintings up around my house (mostly because I gave them to my partner).  I don't enjoy looking at my own work as much as I enjoy looking at other people's work.  I feel the mystery is gone with my own art since I know how it was made or it's just always in my face at my studio.  I purchased a drawing recently and it is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.  It makes me feel so happy and in awe.  It's really weird and off beat so I guess these are the feelings I would hope people will experience with my work.     



Janna Watson artwork installation presented by bau-xi Gallery

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New Vicki Smith paintings at Bau-Xi Toronto

Vicki Smith swimmer painting presented by Bau-Xi GalleryClearing, 2016, 36 x 48 inches, oil on canvas, click image for more information

New Vicki Smith paintings have just arrived at Bau-Xi Toronto. These gorgeous oil on canvas pieces will be presented in a group exhibition in August, highlighting new and exciting work by Bau-Xi Gallery artists. Be sure to visit Bau-Xi Toronto this August to see a rotating selection throughout the month.




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Visiting the underwater studio of Barbara Cole

Underwater photoshoot poolside with artist Barbara Cole

July 21, 2016 - Toronto

Riko Nakasone (Bau-Xi Vancouver Director) and Alissa Sexton (Bau-Xi Toronto Co-Director) were thrilled to spend this heatwave poolside at one of Toronto artist Barbara Cole's photoshoots today. As an artist who typically shoots underwater subjects, Cole has to use these beautiful summer days to create her artistic visions. 

During the shoot, Cole used multiple models, various costumes (designed by the artist), and 2 pools as she worked toward two parallel show ideas, still in their infancy. Following these photoshoots, Cole works tirelessly in studio evaluating her images, and editing her selections for inclusion in the final exhibitions.

It was amazing to see how Cole is able to crop these moving, floating figures all in-camera to create stunning images. Thank you to Barbara Cole for sharing this incredible process with us over the years.

This image above shows one of Cole's models awaiting her turn to be choreographed in front of the lens-- we are sorry we can't share more!


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Bau-Xi Gallery, established in 1965

Bau-Xi Gallery was established by Paul Huang in 1965 in Vancouver, to showcase the many Canadian artists in need of gallery representation on the West Coast. As the oldest commercial gallery in Vancouver, Bau-Xi is a founding member the  South Granville Gallery Association, and a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada since the early 1970s.

Since its inception, the iconic Vancouver Bau-Xi Gallery has expanded to include Bau-Xi Gallery and Bau-Xi Photo in Toronto, and Foster/White Gallery in Seattle. Over the past 50 years, Bau-Xi Gallery has been recognized as one of Canada’s most highly regarded art galleries, with a reputation founded on adherence to the highest standards in quality of art and service to clients.

Today, the Bau-Xi group of galleries represents emerging and established visual artists across a variety of media and genres and remains committed to excellence in the promotion of exceptional contemporary fine art.

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Joshua Jensen-Nagle exhibition extended in Vancouver

Joshua Jensen-Nagle photo at Bau-Xi Gallery

Hanauma Bay I, Edition of 7 in 3 sizes, archival inkjet print face-mounted to plexiglass

Exhibition extended until July 29th at Bau-Xi Vancouver

About the exhibition:

'Simple Days' conveys the nostalgia of Joshua Jensen-Nagle's childhood spent along the shore. Inspired by endless days floating in the water, jumping waves, and surfing with his father, the series evokes for the artist memories of a simpler time, one that captures the essence of pure happiness.

For over a decade, Joshua Jensen-Nagle has been photographing picturesque beachscapes and romantic European vistas. In the past year, the artist has introduced aerial photography into his repertoire, scouting locales in Australia, Rio de Janeiro, Miami and Hawaii with exciting geographic and tidal patterns. Images captured by leaning out of a helicopter reveal an organic arrangement of umbrellas, surf, and swimmers contributing to a seductive, abstract composition. The transportive quality of 'Simple Days' immerses the viewer in the endless joy of a summer spent at the beach. 


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How Lori Nix created “Botanic Garden”, her post-apocalyptic paradise

Lori Nix Botanic Garden presented by Bau-Xi GalleryLori Nix, Botanic Garden, chromogenic print, available in 2 sizes in editions of 15. Click image for more information.

Lori Nix meticulously constructs three-dimensional miniature dioramas by hand and captures her images using a large-format film camera. These scenes of an imagined, post-apocalyptic world are infused with dark humour and irony. Through the photographic process, the fictional scene is transformed into a surreal space, where scale, perspective and the document of the photograph create a tension between the material reality of the scene and the impossibility of the depicted narrative.

Here is a behind-the-scenes image by Lori Nix that offers more information on how these captivating images are created and captured.

Lori Nix behind-the-scenes image of Botanic Garden presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Lori Nix's work will be featured in Bau-Xi Vancouver’s August Group Exhibition, Into The Garden opening August 6th

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In-Home Trial Services Available

Bau-Xi Gallery artwork in space designed by Kelly Deck

Artwork by Tracey Tarling (left) and Andre Petterson (right) placed in spaces designed by Kelly Deck Design (photos by Barry Calhoun Photography)

After gallery associates assist you in narrowing down to a favourite piece, we sometimes suggest that clients take artwork on approval for a 24-48 hour period with no obligation, to facilitate the decision making process. We have plenty of artworks available at any given time, and want to make sure you have time to consider your options.


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Studio Visit: West Coast painter Cori Creed

Cori Creed painting from Bau-Xi Gallery

A look inside the studio of West Coast painter, Cori Creed. The richness of the Canadian wilderness is a perennial source of inspiration for Creed, who captures its sumptuous textures with oil paint. Cori Creed will be participating in Bau-Xi Vancouver’s August Group Exhibition, Into The Garden, opening August 6th.

Cori Creed paint palette at Bau-Xi Gallery


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INTO THE GARDEN: Group Exhibition at Bau-Xi Vancouver this August

Jamie Evrard artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Jamie Evrard, Giacoso, 24 x 36 inches, oil on canvas, unframed. Click to view more information on this piece here.


August 6 - 17, 2016 / Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver

The Garden Party:  
Saturday, August 6, 2-4pm

Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to announce 'Into The Garden', the August annual group exhibition. As a site of display, cultivation and enjoyment of plants,  the garden has historically functioned as an earthly paradise inspiring refuge and enjoyment. With ideas of bounty, natural wonder and lush colour in mind, 'Into The Garden' brings together new work by gallery artists interpreting the myriad of symbols and forms associated with the garden. 

To celebrate Into The Garden, Bau-Xi Gallery will be hosting The Garden Party, a themed reception with light refreshments to open the exhibition on Saturday, August 6 (2-4pm). 

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