Janna Watson

Janna Watson's compelling abstract compositions use colour, line, and energetic brushstrokes to evoke emotion in the viewer. Her work possesses an elegant and powerful energy, created with a carefully balanced pairing of loose painting and gestural mark-making. Watson's paintstrokes are feeling, sensing, emotive “moments” that wholly refer to this mark-making itself without retreating into the sometimes alienating world of pure abstraction. They are altogether honest and confident, vulnerable and invocative portraits of colour, texture, space, and movement

Watson is a young artist who has quickly made an impression on the contemporary art scene. Her work can be found in several significant collections including the TD Bank Financial Group, CIBC, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and the HBC Global Art Collection in New York. Most recently, she was selected to create a magnificent 11 x 31 foot painting for the feature space in AURA, North America’s largest condominium building. The Toronto-based artist has exhibited across Canada and internationally.

July 8 - 22 2017
340 Dundas Street W, Toronto

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48 X 36 in. - $5,200.00 CAD
At the Wharf
40 X 30 in. - $3,950.00 CAD
Below Rainbow Light
30 X 30 in. - $3,300.00 CAD
Manufacturing the Future
30 X 30 in. - $3,300.00 CAD
A Diligent Spider
48 X 60 in. - $7,500.00 CAD
Heart Beats Faster
60 X 48 in. - $7,500.00 CAD
The Sun in Silent Tension
48 X 36 in. - $5,200.00 CAD
Brain Cloud
60 X 72 in. - $9,900.00 CAD
The Eye of a Storm
60 X 60 in.
Ice Cream By The Lake
60 X 60 in. - $9,000.00 CAD
Streaky Window
36 X 36 in. - $4,100.00 CAD
60 X 48 in. - $7,500.00 CAD
Spinal Sensation
60 X 48 in.
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