NEW WORK | Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Joshua Jensen-Nagle beach photography, presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Incredible new beach scenes by Toronto artist Joshua Jensen-Nagle are now on display at Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto.  Visit us at 350 Dundas Street West to view in person.  

Click here to see more work by Joshua Jensen-Nagle.


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New Artist: Michelle Nguyen


Bau-Xi is thrilled to announce the latest addition to the gallery roster: Vancouver painter Michelle Nguyen.

Michelle Nguyen’s darkly whimsical paintings explore subjects pertaining to ephemerality and divine myth with humor. Working primarily in oil paint, her canvases, populated by liminal figures inhabiting cavernous shadows, can easily be described as hauntingly intrusive. Nguyen utilizes oil pastel, loose gestural markings and ambient colors to devise illustrative paintings dense with mythology, symbolism and narrative.

Nguyen hails from Toronto and currently resides in Vancouver. She studied Environmental Design and received her undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia in 2016.

The exhibition, "Of Tristia, Forlorn!" will open on September 9th in the Upper Gallery of Bau-Xi Vancouver.




Michelle Nguyen in her studio. Image Credit: Claire Saksun


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1) There is a story about your initial inspiration deriving from a forgotten yellow pages on the curb. How do you continue to derive ideas from found objects and your surroundings?

I am continually collecting old books, un-wanted books, phone books, periodicals, newspapers, mail order catalogs and used envelopes.  There is always something new that appears that will spark an idea.  After I’ve completed a new body of work, I’ll take a break, clean out the studio, and start collecting again.


2) When you are considering a book, or some other printed material for a new piece, what formal characteristics factor into your decision?

I prefer to compose most of my images within a square, which is classical in photography. I like symmetry and balance most of the time and often I weight the image from the center.  A circle in a square is a favorite beginning.


3) Do you begin sculpting with an idea of how you want the final piece to take form, or is there a different process involved?

Much of the time I don’t begin with a clear idea of how the final image will be.  I like to move the pages around, wet parts of the book, and use different media such as dye and watercolor.  As I manipulate the pages I can start to see what I think will work.


Cara Barer, Dreamscape, 2017


4) What is the most indispensable item in your studio?

It would be hard to choose only one thing that I consider indispensable. One thing for sure - air conditioning!  My first studio did not have that and living in Houston makes it essential.  If I’m thinking about being hot I can’t think about the work.  Of course I use a computer, but if I didn’t have an excellent print making set up I wouldn’t be able to proof until I’m satisfied with the final image.  For me that is really important.  I have to print at the full size before I can send them off to be printed by a lab.


5) Once your sculptures are complete and you have translated them to a print, what becomes of them?

I’ve been saving most of the sculptures after I’m finished.  Some I can’t save because they have fallen apart.  

6) You have an incredible instagram feed that depicts your work, as well as your experiences travelling the world. How do your artistic practice and travel experiences inform each other?

I’ve always liked to travel. I find it inspiring to see new places and different cultures.  For example, India is a visual overload of color, patterns, print and textures.  It is everywhere.  Photographing just those elements led me to create “Namaste.”  


7) Certain elements are consistent in your work, such as background colours the use of print materials, and yet each piece you create is completely unique.  How do you adjust your process to give each piece distinct characteristics? What factors do you consider?

Each piece is unique, because each book is a new beginning.  I start fresh every time with a different one.  The quality and properties of the paper can vary a lot.  Age, and the way the book is bound are also factors.  Now that I’m also printing my own images and binding them into book form, the images are truly one of a kind. These hand made books have never been officially published and consist of my own personal photos. I have an almost infinite source of material as long as I keep traveling and photographing.


Cara Barer, Kashmir, 2017

 Cara Barer photography, presented by Bau-Xi Gallery, Toronto
Cara Barer, Baroque, 2017

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Ted Fullerton recently completed a large scale, bronze commission for the City of Waterloo. Titled Nuts, the playful installation highlights connectivity and community in a shared public space.

Using the harvest table--a symbol of gathering--as the basis for the sculpture, Fullerton connects the environment and the community it serves.  A squirrel and acorn are positioned on each of two tables, symbolically referencing the importance of nature, connectivity, and preparedness. Fullerton says of his commission:

"Nuts [is] intended to align and create a connection between the site environment and the community it serves emphasizing a spirit of optimism while symbolically referencing the importance of nature and our direct association with it in “connectivity” and preparedness. Its conceptual foundation and humanist aesthetic is intended to reinforce the significance of this being a place for community functional “gatherings” and sharing while playing off the sculptural component of the nut and squirrel as a visual pun."

Read more about the commission on CBC News here.


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In The Studio: Jamie Evrard

A recent visit to Jamie Evrard's Vancouver studio had us confronting a riot of roses and peonies! These loose, gestural works represent a productive summer spent examining the form of particular blooms that continue to mesmerize the artist.



Looking forward to seeing this lush and spontaneous painting in the gallery upon completion



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On Set: A Photoshoot with Barbara Cole

Watching Barbara Cole on set is like being at the theatre. We spent the morning with the artist, and got to see how she captures moments from her incredible productions and translates them into sublime images. 

Cole's studio assistants set up the temporary studio next to the pool where the photography shoot will take place.

One of Barbara Cole's vision boards, where she collages together sources of inspiration. 

 Prior to the shoot, each model has a custom wig sewn to her hair.

Costumes ready for the next model.



Barbara Cole's latest series will be previewed exclusively  at Art Toronto from October 27th - 30th.

Please contact us at if you would like to be notified for previewing.

The exhibition, "Figure Painting" will open November 4th at Bau-Xi Photo.




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Barbara Cole underwater photography at Bau-Xi Gallery

Alla Prima, from Figure Painting, Chromogenic print face-mounted to plexiglass, available in 3 sizes. ACQUIRE

About Barbara Cole's forthcoming series, Figure Painting

Photographer Barbara Cole’s latest series Figure Paintings extends, with renewed subtlety, the artist’s long affair with her preferred mediums: water and light. Like a painter, Cole mixes and layers, blends and builds her compositions into ethereal portraits rich with rhythm and dimension. Inspired by the painting techniques cited in their names, these figures—Alla Prima, Underpainting, and others—are like beautiful ghosts: barely outlined by the dance of light across skin and fabric; so near the surface and somehow just out of reach. Cole’s camera lens—a tool which for the artist does not “capture” her created worlds but rather brings them into existence—plucks her ethereal subjects as though from a dream, granting them each a moment of stillness. 

Experience Figure Painting in person at the following events:

July 2017: Selected artwork preview at Bau-Xi Photo, 350 Dundas St. West

October 28, 2017, 6-8pm: Preview at Art Toronto, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

November 4th, 2017, 2-4pm: Opening reception at Bau-Xi Photo, 350 Dundas St. West. Exhibition continues to November 18th



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COMING SOON: New Work by Cara Barer


Cara Barer book photography, Bau-Xi Gallery

This September, Bau-Xi Photo is thrilled to present new work by prominent American artist Cara Barer.  Click here if you would like us to email you a preview of the new series. 

September 9-23, 2017
350 Dundas St West, Toronto 
Opening Reception, Sat June 9
2:00 - 4:00 pm


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"One to watch": Listen to Kathryn Macnaughton on CBC Radio Q

According to Tom Powers, Toronto's Kathryn Macnaughton is "one to watch in the Canadian art world." 

"It doesn't take an expert to see that Kathryn's work is really special"  says Powers, host of CBC Radio q. Listen to abstract artist Kathryn Macnaughton discuss her creative process, what inspires her work, and how she prepared for the upcoming exhibition, Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds at Bau-Xi Gallery in Vancouver this July. 

Click here to view new Macnaughton's latest works and see why she is being called the "one to watch in the Canadian art world." 

Listen to the interview here »

View available work by Kathryn Macnaughton

Read more about the artist's upcoming exhibition with Erin Armstrong, Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds.

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Michael Wolf photography, Architecture of Density series, presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Visit Michael Wolf's retrospective, Life in Cities, at the Rencontres d’Arles from July 3 to August 27, 2017. The exhibition will travel to international institutions, including the Fotomuseum Den Haag in January 2018, and will be accompanied by a monograph.

Click here to read more. 


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2017 South Granville ArtWalk at Bau-Xi Gallery

2017 South Granville Art Walk at Bau-Xi Gallery
Saturday, June 17,  10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Vancouverites and visitors are all invited to this fabulous, creative event, where they can wander up and down Granville Street and partake in artist talks, have refreshments, and attend over 12 different art exhibitions spread across the South Granville neighbourhood.

Join Bau-Xi for an exciting day filled with art and activities courtesy of our neighbourhood partners alongside David T. Alexander's Land and Mindscape: Perceptions and Sensations


10 am - 6 pm
Floral Art Installation inspired by the paintings of David Alexander
courtesy of Granville Island Florist

10 am - 12 pm
Artisanal coffee tasting hosted by Bump'n Grind Café

10 am - 1 pm
Hand massages, product demonstrations and a variety of samples courtesy of L’Occitane

3:00 pm
Gallery Talk and Tour of David T. Alexander’s latest exhibition, “Land and Mindscapes: Perceptions and Sensations”

5:00 pm
Raffle - Three Gift Prizes Drawn:
1. A Beautiful L'Occitane Gift Set
2. $150 Opus Art Supplies Gift Card
3. Barbara Cole Art Book published by Bau-Xi Gallery


Thank you to our generous sponsors


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Kathryn Macnaughton in The Coveteur

Kathryn Macnaughton
sat down with The Coveteur's Jodi Taylor to talk about preparing for her upcoming two-person show Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds (with fellow artist Erin Armstrong) at Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver this upcoming July. The OCAD grad ties eclectic influences from vintage magazines and graphic design to architecture and the history of American modernist painting in her new suite of paintings. More exclusive photos from inside the artist's Toronto studio after the jump.

Read the Coveteur article here »

View available work by Kathryn Macnaughton here »


Image Credit (ABOVE): Renée Rodenkirchen for The Coveteur

 *Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds opens Saturday, July 8th at Bau-Xi Vancouver.



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