Kathryn Macnaughton in The Coveteur

Kathryn Macnaughton
sat down with The Coveteur's Jodi Taylor to talk about preparing for her upcoming two-person show Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds (with fellow artist Erin Armstrong) at Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver this upcoming July. The OCAD grad ties eclectic influences from vintage magazines and graphic design to architecture and the history of American modernist painting in her new suite of paintings. More exclusive photos from inside the artist's Toronto studio after the jump.

Read the Coveteur article here »

View available work by Kathryn Macnaughton here »


Image Credit (ABOVE): Renée Rodenkirchen for The Coveteur

 *Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds opens Saturday, July 8th at Bau-Xi Vancouver.



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Sheri Bakes Profiled in Canadian Art

Vancouver painter Sheri Bakes was recently profiled in Canadian Art on her work in relationship to living with aphantasia, a condition that eliminates one's ability to mentally visualize imagery. In the intimate interview, Sheri speaks candidly about how her painting practice and style was dramatically altered by an inability to access the 'mind's eye.' Undeterred, Sheri learned to paint again from scratch. Sheri’s resilience and determination led to an unforeseen relationship to the process of painting that creates hope and vitality within her canvases.

Read the article in Canadian Art here

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Jensen-Nagle and Michael Wolf in Photo London Top 5

Joshua Jensen Nagle top artist at Photo London

Something Curated has named Joshua Jensen-Nagle in their Top 5 'Must-See Photographers at Photo London 2017'

Michael Wolf top 5 at Photo London

Click image for details

Michael Wolf is who has been featured for his Tokyo Compression series at Flowers Gallery.

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Jensen-Nagle included in Top 20 at Photo London

Jensen-Nagle Hanauma Bay I chosen for Photo London top 20

'Hanauma Bay I' was chosen by Queen guitarist Brian May as one of his 'Top 20' for Photo London.


Thursday 18 May 2017 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Tour the highlights of Photo London selected by legendary Queen guitarist and author Dr Brian May CBE. Dr May has a passion for Stereoscopy and publishes photographic books through the London Stereoscopic Company which he runs. The tour will be led by Dr Jean Wainwright and incorporate visits to booths across the fair. Dr Jean Wainwright is a Professor of Contemporary Art and Photography at UCA. As an art historian, critic and curator she has published extensively in the contemporary arts field, contributing to numerous catalogues and books. Wainwright’s practice also features interviews with international artists and photographers, many of which can be found on the Tate Audio Arts site. 

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In The Studio with David T. Alexander

A rewarding day was spent with David making the final selection of paintings for the BC artist's highly anticipated upcoming solo show opening June 10th at Bau-Xi Vancouver. The artist continues to surprise us with new modes of mark-making and an unpredictable and riveting use of colour in both his landscapes and his 'wet' series. We can't wait to unveil this stunning and ambitious new body of work.

"Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations" opens June 10th at Bau-Xi Vancouver

Contact us at info@bau-xi.com if you'd like to be notified for previewing.



David has often said some of his most favoured paint brushes are the ones that are the most worn and paint encrusted ones because they make the most original and interesting marks on the canvas.


The studio floor wears the patina of countless hours spent painting here.


The final selection for the show has been made late in the day after much deliberation



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New Artist: Mel Gausden

Bau-Xi is thrilled to announce the latest addition to the gallery stable: Toronto painter Mel Gausden.

Mel Gausden explores themes of personal and cultural identity through traditions of self-portraiture and landscape painting. Her interests lie in combining visual markers and signifiers of nostalgia and Canadiana with painterly gesture, mark-making and bold highlights. The artist applies neon silhouettes evocative of “instagram-esque” colour filters to highlight the inherent distortion of our own personal narratives. In the end, these visual narratives end up as hybrids, part-reality and part-dreamscape.

Mel Gausden earned her Bachelor’s of Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2009. She continues to live and work out of her studio in Toronto.



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Ted Fullerton installs sculpture commission in St. Albert, Alberta


Ted Fullerton has just returned from St. Albert, Alberta, after installing a commissioned sculpture in St. Albert Place. The sculpture is installed in the main lobby entrance to the building designed by well-known Canadian architect, Douglas Cardinal. The 9 foot tall sculpture is called ‘Becoming’, and is symbolic of a monumental cocoon/chrysalis at a point of a butterfly's emergence from a state of metamorphosis.


Concept Statement from the Artist:

The sculpture is symbolic of a monumental cocoon/chrysalis at a point of a butterfly's emergence from a state of metamorphosis. It is that magical moment of realization where transition/emergence is realized. This sculpture represents a butterfly's chrysalis which acts as an iconic metaphor for being and becoming that is understood globally for possibilities, growth and transformation. The shape of the cocoon/chrysalis is an archetype where its associative relationship to a place of sanctuary is "understood".


Ted Fullerton ‘Becoming’, 2.74m x .81m x 1.04m, 2017

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Drew Burnham Featured in Creators Vancouver

Renowned artist Drew Burnham was recently featured in Creators Vancouver following his recent sold out show at Bau-Xi Toronto this past April. In the interview with Elizabeth Newton, Drew recounts his very first sold-out show at Bau-Xi in 2004 and provides some insight into his meticulous process of glazing and layering using both oil and acrylic paints. The artist also provides invaluable personal advice for emerging artists: "Put in the time. You have to dedicate a certain, huge part of your world to the activity. There are no shortcuts. Keep at it. It’s not a Sunday thing." 

Read the interview on the Creators Vancouver blog here.

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For a limited time, Bau-Xi Gallery is offering complimentary shipping to destinations within North America, for orders over $5000. This offer applies to two-dimensional painting and photography only.

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Online exclusive: From Erin Armstrong's Studio


May 3 - 31, 2017

View a selection of new paintings from the Toronto studio of Erin Armstrong on Artsy this month.

Juxtaposing the everyday with surrealistic imaginings, Armstrong captures hidden emotions often lost in human experience. Her concern is not to recreate reality as it exists, but rather to evoke an atmosphere that transports the viewer into a world of interpretation.


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Artist Q & A : Steven Nederveen

Steven Nederveen presenting “Ocean’s Crossing” at the Canadian Consulate in Reykjavik

1) It’s been a busy year for you so far. You recently had the honour of receiving a highly- regarded commission by the Canadian Ambassador for the Canadian Embassy in Reykjavik for Canada’s 150th Anniversary. How was your experience in Iceland?

    It was wonderful! The people are very warm and welcoming. The presentations went well and the audience was very keen on my latest work, the abstracts and the sculptures. I had a couple days to travel around and take in their unique landscapes. That was very inspiring. I highly recommend Iceland as a place to visit.

    2) One can’t help but observe your careful treatment of the elusive properties of cool, arctic light in your upcoming solo show, Nature Transforms. What is it about light that intrigues you?

    I've always been intrigued with the play of light on moving water or its refraction through objects. It has a strange hypnotic quality that enlivens my sense of wonder. Sometimes it puts me into a state of meditation that connects me to my soul, and that is usually followed by a deep sense of connection to the world around me.

    3) Emotional memory of place is a theme that you explore and delve deeply in throughout past and present bodies of work. How is this new series informed by your recent trip to Iceland? What was it about Iceland that inspired you to experiment with new materials?

    Iceland is a place of stark contrasts with its volcanic underbelly and glacier peaks, and soaring cliffs against black sand beaches. It's a memorable place with lots of distinct experiences but I focused mostly on the glaciers. Seeing giant slabs of ice drifting towards open ocean is really beautiful but also deeply worrying. With icebergs you're seeing ice that's been frozen for eons, marked with sediment deposits from years gone by. They led me to meditate on the expansiveness of nature and time, giving me a sense of awe and wonder. Seeing these singular white monoliths against the dark blue water inspired me to explore the theme of water and ice - it's transformative nature, our impact on it, and also the hypnotic beauty of ice with its transparent depths and sparkling refractions of light. 

    In my abstracts, I use an ice-like sheet of acrylic with fractures and clear pockets, to conceal and reveal, manmade markings (ink brushwork). The varying colours reflect the Nordic skies at various times of day or night. 

    Detailed shots of Iceberg 1

    The sculpture is a result of testing the boundaries of multiple layers of transparency. Through 24 painted sheets of acrylic, a fully 3 dimensional object is created. A stylized iceberg floats in a sea of colour. As the viewer walks around the piece, the iceberg changes from a unified image to a series of disjointed layers and back again to a unified image on the other side. 

    Also, Olafur Eliason is one of my favourite artists, he's Danish/Icelandic, and a bunch of his work is in Reykjavik. Seeing it first hand was incredibly inspiring and has single-handedly encouraged me to explore new methods and concepts in my work.

    4) How would you say your work has developed in the past few years and how do you see it evolving in the future?

    I've spent a lot of time depicting contemplative landscapes and trying to evoke a sense of wonder from nature. They are informed by my own experiences. I love this exploration and how it's developed so far.

    I plan to continue on this path while incorporating the viewer into the work more directly.  I can see how the sculptural pieces can lend themselves to large-scale site-specific works, possibly incorporated into architectural interiors. In my new multi-layered abstract pieces, viewers may be reflected in, or revealed and concealed by the various layers as they move around the piece. I hope that my work re-awakens in the viewer a similar experience that perhaps they've had in the past.

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    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Breaking Away

    Joshua Jensen-Nagle has been selected to be exhibited at the prestigious UK art fair, Photo London. Bau-Xi Gallery will exhibit his work as the only Canadian gallery represented at the fair. The artwork selection for Photo London includes iconic beach photos from Italy and Brazil, ski scenes shot in Whistler, and this stunning new image from Iceland 'Breaking Away' (shown above). Bau-Xi Gallery looks forward to the opportunity to present this talented Canadian artist to photography collectors in the UK.

    Photo London runs May 18-21, 2017 at Somerset House in London More about Photo London here


    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Ipanema II

    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, It's All There II

    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Washed Away



    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Heading Out

    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Sicily Bathers II

    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Hanauma Bay I

    Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Drifting Over The Italian Riviera


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