Vicki Smith

Vicki Smith is a Canadian painter known for her paintings of female figures. The figures explore the possibilities and limitations of gravity. Often shown suspended in dark air, twisted and upside down, falling into and out of the picture plane, the figures are often so precariously placed upon the canvas that they threaten to slip away. Though rarely grounded, they are always balanced.

In Smith’s latest series of paintings the figures play with gravity in the water. They float, fly, emerge and disappear in the broken surface of the water; a space with infinite boundaries. The paintings have a beautiful deep calm.

Vicki Smith studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art, graduating in 1981 with honours. Her 4th year of study was completed in Florence, Italy.


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40 X 60 in. - $8,600.00 CAD
Describe Peace
48 X 36 in. - $7,200.00 CAD
Radiate Your Light
40 X 60 in. - $8,600.00 CAD
The Romance of Water
60 X 48 in. - $9,750.00 CAD
48 X 54 in. - $9,150.00 CAD
53 X 46 in. - $8,850.00 CAD
Vicki Smith
60 X 48 in. - $10,000.00 CAD
Vicki Smith
36 X 60 in.
Present Moment
40 X 48 in. - $8,050.00 CAD
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