Anne Griffiths

Recent :
Solo Exhibition: From This Place
March 5 - 19, 2022
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

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 Anne Griffiths’ studio practice is motivated by the expression of landscape through intuitive knotting of colour and form. By using the landscape as a starting point, her paintings explore interpretations of space, distance and memory. Through gestural line work and an energetic colour palette, Griffiths creates spatial relationships and poetic interpretations that wander through landscapes both speculative and imaginative. She is interested in how we take a feeling of a place away with us in our memory, and how that energy can transform by playing with some level of abstraction in the rendering of a traditional landscape.

Anne Griffiths is a Canadian painter based in Victoria, British Columbia. She studied painting at Emily Carr University and received a diploma in design and illustration from Capilano University’s IDEA Program in 1986. Her work has been exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions. She continues to expand her practice with intent.

Artist Interview: Anne Griffiths

54 x 54 IN.
Nocturnal Notes
44 x 47 IN. - $4,450.00 CAD
30 x 32 IN. - $3,350.00 CAD
Under A Rosy Gaze
My Morning Coffee & Birdsong, a.k.a. Hook
37 x 99 IN. - $6,600.00 CAD
Treasure Trove (Triptych)
27 x 44 IN.
A Gumboot & Denim Day
27 x 44 IN. - $3,800.00 CAD
Tracing Tiger Lilies in the Sun
64 X 93.5 inches - $9,200.00 CAD
Degnen Shelter
47 x 88 IN. - $7,200.00 CAD
From This Place (Diptych)
54 x 94.5 IN. - $8,200.00 CAD
Circling Back (Diptych)
34 x 76 IN. - $5,150.00 CAD
Scouting (Diptych)
27 x 44 IN. - $3,050.00 CAD
64 x 54 IN. - $6,200.00 CAD
Hummingbird's Perspective
47 x 41 IN.
Lost For Words Again
32 x 27 IN. - $2,745.00 CAD
My Thinly Veiled Optimism
16 x 12 IN. - $1,250.00 CAD
Eating Raspberries on a Tuesday
44 x 47 IN. - $4,450.00 CAD
Puddle Jumping at Tonquin
44 x 47 IN. - $5,400.00 CAD
Road to Whytecliff
40 x 40 IN. - $3,700.00 CAD
An Offering to Anyone Who Cares to Look, a.k.a. Hood
12 x 16 IN.
Under the Supermoon
12 x 16 IN.
Fairy Light
A Well-Trodden Path Taken Lightly
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