Ken Wallace

Ken Wallace attended the Alberta College of Art, and the Banff School of Fine Arts on scholarship. He graduated with honours in animation and painting from the Vancouver School of Art (now E.C.U.A.D.) in 1973. Wallace has taught painting and drawing at the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Education and Department of Fine Arts, Continuing Studies. His work is represented in numerous prestigious private and public collections including the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada Council Art Bank, CBC, National Gallery of Canada, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. "Meaning in art is increasingly externalised by theoretical constructs that have made it difficult for the viewer to form personal responses. However, human experience is inseparable from nature, therefore landscape painting should be looked at through the duality of both physical existence and the meaning of nature in the subconscious. These landscapes are not of specific locations rather they are representations of the idea of nature for contemplation."

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60 X 40 in.
Ken Wallace
44 X 44 in. - $5,650.00 CAD
Ken Wallace
30 X 30 in. - $3,400.00 CAD
Ken Wallace
48 X 60 in. - $7,300.00 CAD
Ken Wallace
36 X 48 in. - $5,200.00 CAD
Ken Wallace
40 X 60 in.
Aqua Oro Tendrils
40 X 60 in. - $6,700.00 CAD
Opposing Reflections
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