Janna Watson Featured on The Jealous Curator Podcast

 Janna Watson at Bau-Xi Gallery

Janna Watson, Two Adam Apples in Paradise., 36x36 in., $4,600

"Painting, whether realist or abstract, is a moment. I think that when people listen to music, they don't question it as much, like, 'why does it make me feel this way?', because it's just a moment. But when you freeze a moment [with a painting], people really want to know why, 'why this moment? what am I looking at?'"

Sought-after Toronto artist, Janna Watson, was recently featured on The Jealous Curator podcast. Host Danielle Krysa and Watson discuss the artist's introduction to abstraction, her first big break in the art world and how she prepares for her sell-out shows today. Click here to listen to the full episode and to learn more about what Watson's work means to her.  Janna Watson will be exhibiting all new work June 9th at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto. 


Janna Watson at Bau-Xi Gallery

Janna Watson, Between: Held Space, 60x48 in., $8,400

Janna Watson for Sale at Bau-Xi Gallery

Janna Watson, Being on a Swing is a Solo Act, 36x36 in., $4,100

Janna Watson with The Jealous Curator

Artist Janna Watson with The Jealous Curator, Danielle Krysa

UPCOMING EXHIBITION: Patterns of Up and Down June 9-23, 2018
340 Dundas St West, Toronto
Opening Reception: Saturday June 9, 2:00 - 4:00pm


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