Mel Gausden

Mel Gausden is an emerging Canadian artist who explores themes of personal and cultural identity through traditions of self-portraiture and landscape painting. Her work combines symbols and markers of Canadiana with painterly gesture, mark-making, and bold highlights. Neon silhouettes add a contemporary freshness and highlight the inherent distortion of personal narratives. Gausden’s manipulation of oil paint varies from sculptural—bending and piling thick layers of paint into matchsticks of textured impasto—to painterly— diluting paint until it drips with controlled precision.

Gausden’s process is significantly determined by the length of time in which her source material is transformed by time into nostalgic images; a process that can take years. Once memories are bound to her images, the narrative emerges and is rendered in paint.

Mel Gausden earned her Bachelor of Arts at the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2009. She lives and works in Toronto.

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Artist Spotlight: Mel Gausden's Artistic Process

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30 X 40 IN. - $2,636.00
Dock Jump
40 X 60 in. - $4,187.00
40 X 60 IN. - $4,187.00
Space Race
40 X 60 IN.
Waiting for the Storm
22 X 30 IN. - $1,473.00
Study for Long Afternoons
22 X 30 IN. - $1,473.00
Study for Late Summer Dreams
36 X 48 IN. - $3,334.00
Meetings and Mendings
36 X 48 IN.
Coyote Tactics
60 X 40 IN. - $4,187.00
There's Something in the Air
60 X 40 IN. - $4,187.00
Into A Sea of Dew
Deserted Islands Always Look Better From Afar
96 X 60 in. - $6,900.00
Mel Gausden Artwork | Vibrant, contemporary figurative landscape paintings, utilizing fluorescent colours and expressive brush strokes.
36 X 48 IN. - $3,334.00
The Illusion Of An Anchor Point
36 X 48 IN. - $3,334.00
The Wedding Party
36 X 36 IN. - $2,714.00
36 X 36 in. - $2,714.00
New Kids On The Block
Sketches for Don't You Just Love the Colours This Time of Year and New Kids on the Block
8.5 x 11.5 IN. - $466.00
Sketch for Coyote Tactics
8.5 x 11.5 IN. - $466.00
Sketch for Waiting For the Storm
22 X 30 IN. - $1,706.00
Study for The Wedding Party
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