Janna Watson Featured in Galleries West | Three Show Picks for Feb 15.

Janna Watson's solo exhibition is featured in Galleries West "Three Show Picks for Feb. 15." Click here to read the full article.

Janna Watson solo exhibition Poems continues until February 24 at Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver (3045 Granville Street).


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Canadian photographer Barbara Cole is featured on My Modern Met, a blog spotlighting the best artists who are on the pulse of contemporary art.

"Fine art photographer Barbara Cole is known for her artistic underwater photography. But when the temperatures in her native Canada dip low enough that her pool is unusable for this type of photoshoot, she needs to pivot. This is where her series Shadow Dancing was born. This ongoing series of wet collodion photographs marries Cole's modern vision with a turn-of-the-century technique."

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Artist Q & A: Janna Watson

In anticipation of her upcoming solo exhibition, Poems, Toronto-based artist Janna Watson shares insights into her current artistic practice and mindset, reflecting on the inspiration of language and the techniques used to bring her new visions to life.
Janna Watson Poems opens on Saturday February 10, 2024 at Bau-Xi Vancouver. The artist will be in attendance.
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Enduring Statements: Joseph Plaskett

In honour of Joseph Plaskett's solo retrospective exhibition Repose, Bau-Xi presents a selection of excerpts from Plaskett's former artist statements which address the home and his places of repose at various points in the course of his long career.
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Kyle Scheurmann featured on the Artalogue podcast | From Palette to Protest: How Kyle Scheurmann Fights for Canada's Forests

Canadian artist Kyle Scheurmann was featured at The Artalogue Podcast. Kyle Scheurmann paints more than just landscapes; his art illustrates the urgency of our changing climate and the need for its conservation. Kyle shares his journey as an artist who not only pictures the natural world but fights for its future.
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Kim Keever featured in Iris Van Herpen retrospective exhibition

Celebrated photographer and Bau-Xi artist Kim Keever collaborates with world-renowned designer Iris van Herpen in the retrospective exhibition at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Sculpting the Senses.
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Artist Interview: Jeffrey Milstein

This in-depth interview takes you on a journey of Jeffrey Milstein's award-winning project that captures the iconic Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks in Los Angeles, California. 
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Barbara Cole Featured in Palm Beach Daily News

"I made every mistake in the book, and I also made mistakes that weren't in the book," she said. "I was making people who taught me this process scratch their heads."

After 11 years, Cole has perfected the wet collodion process, and she continues to enjoy creating art through photography.

"It's almost like making a sculpture," she said. "It's so tactile. I loved it. I loved the feeling of working with the photographs with my hands rather than clicking a shutter. That felt way too mechanical."

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Artist Q & A: Vicki Smith

For the anticipated solo exhibition Ripple Effect by Toronto based artist Vicki Smith, we spoke with the artist about the significant role meditation plays in her art and life, the malleable identities of her swimmers, and the power of recalling a peaceful memory. Ripple Effect opens on Saturday November 18 at Bau-Xi Vancouver and runs through November 30.
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Artist Profile: Steven Nederveen

In anticipation of Toronto-based artist Steven Nederveen's stunning and moving new solo exhibition Special Trees, the artist shares his his thoughts on the nature of community as expressed in his newest forest images, along with his truest and deepest principles in the context of artmaking, engaging and harmonizing with nature, and building elements of memory into his landscapes.
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Artist Interview: Barbara Cole

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Artist Q & A: Sheri Bakes

In our latest Q & A, BC based artist Sheri Bakes talks with us about the importance of the awareness of breath, the connection between gratitude and the creation of art, and her enduring optimism as an artist. An Origami of Wind, the new exhibition by Sheri Bakes, opens on October 21 and runs through November 2, 2023.
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