Darlene Cole Featured in Neoque Magazine

Darlene Cole's latest collection for Bau-Xi, Reverie, is currently featured in Italian online magazine Neoque.


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Michael Kenna awarded the decoration of Officier des Arts et des Lettres, France

On November 10, 2022, Michael Kenna was awarded the decoration of Officier des Arts et des Lettres at Paris Photo by the French Minister of Culture. The artist’s life archive will be housed by the French state at the Mediatheque de Photographie et Patrimoine (MPP). 
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Steven Nederveen featured by Creators Vancouver

In a recent interview for the Creators Vancouver platform, Steven Nederveen talks about his new show at Bau-Xi Vancouver: The Ocean in Us. Read about where his inspiration comes from, the highlights of the artist's career and his future endeavours.
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David T. Alexander answers our questions about his approach to creating his stunning and remarkably immersive small works.

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VIDEO | Artist Profile: Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Go behind the scenes with Toronto-based photographer, Joshua Jensen-Nagle. The in-depth interview explores the artists series from Dreams and Journeys to his most recent body of work, Sunsets and Fireworks, debuted by Bau-Xi Gallery at Art Toronto 2022! We invite you behind the lens of this incredible artist to explore breathtaking destinations from his perspective.

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Toronto artist Steven Nederveen visualized his process to give an insight into how his vivid landscapes come to be. Born to love the land and the oceans, he has an intricate making process that underlines the personal relationship with the landscapes he creates.
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To accompany her new solo exhibition, Michelle Nguyen offers a full artist statement essay below, in which she identifies and discusses six concepts which contributed to the Victorian aesthetic of horror vacui (Latin for fear of empty space): a direct social reckoning and acknowledgment of death and the unknown of the afterlife.
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Barbara Cole Featured by Photographer’s Companion Magazine, China

艺术家芭芭拉·科尔(Barbara Cole)的作品介于摄影和绘画之间,揭示了一个关于胜利、生存和自我实现的寓言。科尔镜头下的女性被一道道光影、波浪和涟漪环绕,柔美中蕴含一种力量,试图冲破眼前的桎梏。

"The work of artist Barbara Cole lies somewhere between photography and painting, revealing an allegory of triumph, survival and self-realization. The women in Cole's lens are surrounded by light and shadow, waves and ripples, and there is a kind of power in the soft beauty, trying to break through the shackles in front of them."

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BC artist Sheri Bakes reflects on her latest collection The Company of Stars, inspired by her dear friend’s six-month solo thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and the photos she took along her journey.
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Faces of Our Planet: Jeffrey Milstein featured by the Smithsonian

"Jeffrey Milstein (b. 1944, U.S.) Artists first settled here [Hudson Valley, New York] in the 1800s, and its natural beauty fostered the Hudson River School of landscape painting. Prior to globalization, the area was also an important source of food and manufactured goods for New York City but the area became adversely affected with cheaper imports. We are seeing a rebirth of agriculture due to the demand for farm-to-table food. Also, the internet has shrunk the world making it possible to run global businesses from the Valley."
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Ted Fullerton featured in "Together in Spirit: Dialogue in Image" showcased at The Aurora City Hall

Artists Ted Fullerton and Dazaunggee (Paul) Shilling befriended each other in the early nineties based on their mutual respect and shared work in the arts. In 2018, the artists met again after years apart. Naturally conversing on
themes such as colonial domination, oppression, aesthetic sensibilities, as well as their personal life experiences, the artists decided to continue their conversation in visual form.
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Kyle Scheurmann and Anne Griffiths featured in Emily Carr University News | ART AUCTION FOR OLD-GROWTH

Visual artist Kyle Scheurmann sits with Perrin Grauer from Emily Carr University to discuss "Art Auction for Old Growth" in support of the Nature-Based Solutions Foundation. The auction features work by 16 artists including ECU alumni and faculty hoping to raise more than $56,000 in donated works.
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