• Kyle Scheurmann paintings at Bau-Xi Toronto and Vancouver
    Kyle Scheurmann | Thank You, I'm Sorry
    Bau-Xi Toronto | March 9-30
  • Sylvia Tait Exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery
    Sylvia Tait | Paintings Without Words
    Bau-Xi Vancouver | March 4-18
  • Cara Barer at Bau-Xi Gallery Art Galleries in Toronto and Vancouver
    Cara Barer | Free-Form Origami
    Bau-Xi Photo | March 9-30
  • David Alexander at Bau-Xi Gallery
    David Alexander | Small Works
    Bau-Xi Toronto March 16 - April 6

Kyle Scheurmann introduces his Thank You, I'm Sorry, the highly-anticipated solo exhibition

Since 2019, Scheurmann has kept studios in remote, wooded locations in order to document the incremental approach of climate change while simultaneously working on conservation and activism efforts. In 2021, the artist was invited to participate in the Eden Grove AiR, a residency at the Fairy Creek Blockades on unceded Pacheedaht territory. During his four-month stay at the blockade camps, Scheurmann served not only as a resident artist, but also a journalist and legal witness in face of the injustices carried out by law enforcement against Forest Protectors who were fighting to save some of the last remaining highly productive ancient forests in Canada.
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Kyle Scheurmann Awarded Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant by Canada Council for the Arts

Bau-Xi Gallery congratulates Kyle Scheurmann on the receipt of Canada Council for the Arts' Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant!

The Explore and Create: Concept to Realization Grant funds Canadian artists committed to the creation and dissemination of innovative, vibrant and diverse art. This program advances Canadian artistic practices by encouraging artists to investigate creative processes and take risks that lead to the development of unique works destined to connect with the public.

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Mentor and Me | Ted Fullerton and Frederick Hagan Exhibition at MacLaren Art Centre

‘Mentor and Me’ - a monumental exhibition organized by the MacLaren Art Centre - brings together the lithographic works of two Bau-Xi Gallery artists, Ted Fullerton and Frederick Hagan, to illustrate the relationship of lasting respect and influence between these two artists. Their works are visually interwoven and embedded within an extensive network of influence that highlights the breadth of their inspiration, and the lasting impact of their teaching within Canadian printmaking.
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Upcoming Shows

Bau-Xi Toronto: David Alexander Feature | March 16-30

Bau-Xi Vancouver: Tom Burrows | April 1-12

Bau-Xi Vancouver: Vicky Christou | April 1-12 Upper Gallery

Bau-Xi Toronto: Steven Nederveen | April 6 - 27


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