• Darlene Cole Exhibition at Bau-Xi Toronto
    Darlene Cole | Prelude
    Bau-Xi Toronto | Dufferin | December 1-22
  • Barbara Cole at Bau-Xi Gallery Toronto
    Barbara Cole | Somewhere
    Bau-Xi Toronto | Dufferin | December 1-22
  • Holiday | New Works by Gallery Artists
    Holiday | New Works by Gallery Artists
    Bau-Xi Vancouver | December 9 - 23

Barbara Cole Featured in Palm Beach Daily News

"I made every mistake in the book, and I also made mistakes that weren't in the book," she said. "I was making people who taught me this process scratch their heads."

After 11 years, Cole has perfected the wet collodion process, and she continues to enjoy creating art through photography.

"It's almost like making a sculpture," she said. "It's so tactile. I loved it. I loved the feeling of working with the photographs with my hands rather than clicking a shutter. That felt way too mechanical."

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Artist Q & A: Vicki Smith

For the anticipated solo exhibition Ripple Effect by Toronto based artist Vicki Smith, we spoke with the artist about the significant role meditation plays in her art and life, the malleable identities of her swimmers, and the power of recalling a peaceful memory. Ripple Effect opens on Saturday November 18 at Bau-Xi Vancouver and runs through November 30.
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Artist Profile: Steven Nederveen

In anticipation of Toronto-based artist Steven Nederveen's stunning and moving new solo exhibition Special Trees, the artist shares his his thoughts on the nature of community as expressed in his newest forest images, along with his truest and deepest principles in the context of artmaking, engaging and harmonizing with nature, and building elements of memory into his landscapes.
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Upcoming Shows

Bau-Xi Toronto | Dufferin: Group Exhibition | January 2024

Bau-Xi Toronto | Dufferin: Sculpture Feature | January 2024

Bau-Xi Toronto | Dufferin: Photography Group Exhibition | February 1 - 22


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