Artist Q & A: Vicki Smith

For the anticipated solo exhibition Ripple Effect by Toronto based artist Vicki Smith, we spoke with the artist about the significant role meditation plays in her art and life, the malleable identities of her swimmers, and the power of recalling a peaceful memory. Ripple Effect opens on Saturday November 18 at Bau-Xi Vancouver and runs through November 30.
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Artist Profile: Steven Nederveen

In anticipation of Toronto-based artist Steven Nederveen's stunning and moving new solo exhibition Special Trees, the artist shares his his thoughts on the nature of community as expressed in his newest forest images, along with his truest and deepest principles in the context of artmaking, engaging and harmonizing with nature, and building elements of memory into his landscapes.
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Artist Q & A: Sheri Bakes

In our latest Q & A, BC based artist Sheri Bakes talks with us about the importance of the awareness of breath, the connection between gratitude and the creation of art, and her enduring optimism as an artist. An Origami of Wind, the new exhibition by Sheri Bakes, opens on October 21 and runs through November 2, 2023.
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Artist Q & A: Eric Louie

In anticipation of Vancouver based artist Eric Louie's stunning new exhibition Becoming, we spoke with the artist about the incredible illusion of his foil-like forms, the organic influence on his aesthetic, and the tendency of life's progression to prompt reflection. Becoming opens October 5 and runs through October 19, 2023 at Bau-Xi Vancouver.
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Jamie Evrard: Various and Sundry Tales

In this new artist blog piece, Vancouver based artist Jamie Evrard muses on the various subjects comprising her upcoming exhibition In Full Bloom. Evrard’s pensive prose beautifully mirrors this dreamlike and atmospheric collection of works and offers an intriguing description of her artistic motivations and process. In Full Bloom opens on September 9 and runs through September 23, 2023.
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Artist Q & A: Janna Watson

In this new artist Q & A, we speak with Toronto-based abstract artist Janna Watson about the technique, colour palette and inspiration behind her upcoming exhibition, I Didn’t Eat The Garnish
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Artist Q & A: Vicky Christou

In anticipation of her sublime new solo show Infinitude, Vancouver artist Vicky Christou reveals the origin of her signature sculptural extruded line painting style, and enlightens us on the ever-deepening connection between painting and meditation within her art practice. Infinitude opens in Bau-Xi Vancouver's Upper Gallery on April 1 and runs through April 12, 2023.
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Artist Interview: Janna Watson

Toronto-based abstract artist Janna Watson provides us with insight into the concept, palette and process behind her stunning new upcoming show Skywriting, opening on February 4 in Vancouver. 
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In anticipation of Canadian landscape artist Gavin Lynch's new solo show Mondegreens, we speak with the artist about his inspiration, his process, and the significance of the landscape genre in our challenging current time.
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David T. Alexander answers our questions about his approach to creating his stunning and remarkably immersive small works.

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BC artist Sheri Bakes reflects on her latest collection The Company of Stars, inspired by her dear friend’s six-month solo thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and the photos she took along her journey.
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Over 200 paintings from a decade's worth of new series are reproduced in this tenth book of Bonifacho's artistic career.
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