The Fire and You and I

Size: 24 X 40 in.
4k UHD Animation, Framed in Black

Current location: Toronto

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

Duration: 6 hr 30 min. loop

Kyle Scheurmann on "The Fire and You and I": "The base layer of the animation is a photograph of a 32x18 inch oil painting on linen. The animation of the figure is approximately 1100 drawings made by rotoscoping the silhouette at 5 frames per second, then individually colouring and finishing each drawing with pencil crayons before playing them back at 6 frames per second. There are an additional 200 pencil crayon drawings made for the loops of the natural elements such as the fire and water. All drawings were individually scanned by my mom as I drew them. 

All of the animated elements were then layered together in After Effects and some basic colour blocking and ambient lighting effects were digitally added before exporting the video in 4K resolution, designed to seamlessly and infinitely loop."

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