Cara Barer | Letters and Landscapes

Cara Barer | Letters and Landscapes 
350 Dundas St. W, Toronto
September 9 - 23, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday September 9, 2-4pm.  Artist in attendance.  

Bau-Xi Photo presents Letters and Landscapes, a new body of work by Houston artist, Cara Barer.  Using sheet music reminiscent of her childhood and travel photographs from the artist’s own collection is “a natural next step” for Barer that combines process with personal ephemera. The resulting patterned, abstract compositions are powerful simply in their pictorial poignancy, but each image is also a layered object with a history, one that for Barer “hints of its origins, and culminates in a picture of my pictures of the world.”  

Cara Barer has exhibited in solo and group show throughout the US and Canada since 1994. Her work has been featured extensively in such publications as New York Magazine, The Washington Post, Harper’s Magazine, The Boston Globe and The New Yorker; and can be found in the collections of Bloomingdale’s, Saks, Lehigh University, Nordstrom, United States Embassy, Kyiv, Ukraine, VISA and Wells Fargo Bank and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. She is based in Houston, Texas.




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STEVEN NEDERVEEN | Something In the Air
340 Dundas Street
September 9 - 23, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 9th from 2-4 PM 

We often say that there is  “something in the air” when we feel a subtle change—something atmospheric, mysterious—acting on us in strange ways.  For Steven Nederveen, the phrase is central to his most recent body of work, which explores the magic of the landscape as a similarly mysterious space, the experience of which is notorious for captivating—and eluding—artists. The “thing” in the air might be a bright stroke of paint, swipe of neon, or wash of pigment against a sea sky, but it is also a carefully placed screen between the onlooker and an unobstructed, picturesque view. Something in the Air is a thoughtful exploration of the age-old pair of natural beauty and its loss; it is both love letter, and lament.




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Sheri Bakes | Wind Songs

Sheri Bakes | Wind Songs
September 9-23, 2017
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 9, 2-4 pm 

Bau-Xi Gallery presents Wind Songs, a new body of work by Vancouver painter Sheri Bakes.

At the core of Sheri Bakes’ painting practice is an interest in evoking the grace of nature: “My work stems from a place of alignment with nature. Nature is the tuning fork. It keeps everything in tune.” In her latest suite of oil paintings, Bakes harkens to the site of community gardens abundant with vegetation. As a metaphor for the resilient spirit in nature, the community garden is at once an anchor and respite.

With its many life-affirming and nurturing associations, the garden offers endless variations in texture and tone for Bakes, whose paintings draw parallels between music and visual art, fusing compositional elements of rhythm, harmony, melody and lyric.

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Michelle Nguyen | Of Tristia, Forlorn! 
September 9-23, 2017
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 9, 2-4 pm 

On display in the Upper Gallery this September is ‘Of Tristia, Forlorn!’, Michelle Nguyen’s debut exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery.

Stemming from a childhood fascination with death, ‘Of Tristia, Forlorn!’ explores the symbiosis between life after death, and death after life. Heavily influenced by poetry and cultural superstition, Nguyen examines these themes through the surreal, macabre, erotic and oftentimes humorous subjects in her oil and pastel canvases.

The imagined figures of Nguyen’s compositions demand second looks and closer examination, their anonymous bodies at once monstrous and personable, singular and homogenous, familiar and strange. Nguyen’s depictions explore the poetics of the masses, empowering the figure of the other through unabashed nudity and the plurality of the crowd - to challenge the dynamic between subject and audience.

The stripped-down mythology and folkloric elements of Nguyen’s work upends traditional narratives while questioning internalized values and assumed truths, and exploring the ephemerality of the conjured moment. Nguyen paints an open-ended memento mori, which provokes reflection on personal mortality, keeping a door ajar for the unfathomable elements of the living world and inviting a dialogue on the unspoken.


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Virginia Mak photography, presented at Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto
Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto
August 12-31, 2017

Join us this August for our group exhibition, which focuses on work by Virginia Mak. Fostered through a deep-rooted fascination with fictional characters, Virginia Mak infuses her photographic work with poetic references to icons from classic literature, folklore and mythology. By staging scenarios around illustrious story lines and characters, Mak aims to visually depict familiar figures and re-interpret the narrative. Known for its soft focus and minimized light values, her work disrupts the boundary between painting and photography.

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3045 Granville Street
August 12 - 26, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 12th from 2-4 PM 

Candy, a mass-produced, high-fructose delicacy of unnatural sweetness, colour and form has been a popular indulgence since the Industrial Revolution. Our ongoing affection for the novel treat, valued more for enjoyment than its nutritional value, guides Bau-Xi’s selection of bright artwork in high gloss finishes and delicious surface texture to evoke the senses.

For its annual August Group show, Bau-Xi Gallery presents CANDY, a curated exhibition of selected work by gallery artists. CANDY will explore the various synonyms and complexities inherent in our relationship with the decadent treat. As a euphemism for sex, works by Janna Watson and Kathryn Macnaughton reference the body as a site of pleasure and physical consumption. With a nod to Pop Art’s exploration of the beauty and dark side of mass consumption, popular culture and kitsch, CANDY will shed light on the confection’s allure - gluttony, addiction, nostalgia and artifice through painters Pat O’Hara, Janna Watson, Alex Cameron, Steven Nederveen and photographers Joshua Jensen-Nagle, and Heidi Leverty.

Whether you like it coated, spun, crystallized or melted, join Bau-Xi Gallery this August for CANDY: a sugar high journey through art.

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It's All There II by Joshua Jensen-Nagle, presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

SUMMER GROUP EXHIBITION with focus on Joshua Jensen-Nagle's Photo London selection
Presented at Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto
July 8-22, 2017

Toronto photographer Joshua Jensen-Nagle had a tremendous showing last month at Photo London. The artist sold out several editions of his sought-after beach imagery, and was recognized in publications including The Telegraph, National Geographic and The Londonist

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Top 5 'Must-See Photographers at Photo London' 
Brian May's Top 20 photographs of Photo London
Studio tour article by 'Curated by Creatives'

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Join us this July at Bau-Xi Toronto for our summer group exhibition featuring work by Kathryn Macnaughton, Andre Petterson, Bratsa Bonifacho, Tom Burrows, Steven Nederveen, Erin Armstrong, Jamie Evrard, Darlene Cole, Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Robert Marchessault, Janna Watson, Cori Creed, and Robert Cadotte.

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ERIN ARMSTRONG / KATHRYN MACNAUGHTON | Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
3045 Granville Street
July 8 - 22, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 8th from 2-4 PM 

Toronto female painters Erin Armstrong and Kathryn Macnaughton converge in Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds, marking a fresh and exciting direction in contemporary Canadian painting.

In Dualities: A Bridge Between Two Worlds, both Erin Armstrong and Kathryn Macnaughton demonstrate an interest in form and interiority. Erin Armstrong’s anonymous figures inhabit a world of speculative fiction witnessed by Kathryn Macnaughton’s static houseplant, a stand-in for the body which bears witness to narratives outside of, and within it. 

As vessels into an alternative space, Kathryn Macnaughton’s abstract paintings balance minimal shapes with colour and draw influence from principles of graphic design, Art Deco architecture and Colour Field abstraction. Flat, sculptural shapes are layered between stained and textured coloured backgrounds which create a sense of movement and depth. Similarly, Erin Armstrong generates imagined realms where ambiguous bodies hang about languidly in offbeat locales as if from a distant dream. Bodies and faces are discretely revealed and concealed by expressive applications of paint to hint at subtle emotions and complex inner worlds.


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Casey McGlynn artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

CASEY MCGLYNN | It's Not the End of the World

340 Dundas St. W, Toronto
June 3 - 17, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday June 3, from 2-4 PM

Casey McGlynn’s paintings are visual composites of autobiography and collective memory, at once literal and endlessly symbolic. Highly referential images—animals, people, popular media, textual documents—narrate scenes from the artist’s life while also prompting  the viewer’s imagination through allegory and archetype. Working with a combination of techniques, McGlynn imbues this timeless visual repertoire with contemporary life: adventurous explorations of colour, humour, and satire are delivered with what Gary Michael Dault, writing for the Globe and Mail, called “a warm and somehow compassionate abandon.” Indeed, McGlynn’s compositions capture life’s chaos while also allowing his viewer the contemplative space to insert his or her own story.

McGlynn’s works can be found in a number of private and public collections in both Canada and the US. Most recently his work was acquired for the HBC Global Art Collection in New York.

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Additive Mix by Anthony Redpath

350 Dundas St. W, Toronto
June 3 - 26, 2017

Back by popular demand, Redpath's large scale photographs, including the lightbox image of 'Separation and Conversion' will be installed here at Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto. The treatment of Redpath's subjects entices the viewer to go beyond the documentary style and examine closely the surface sensuality and rich palette of a decaying landscape. Redpath positions his lens at close range to distill his subjects into a series of abstracted planes of shape and texture. Further enhanced by the complex ribbing, vaulting and rustication of the sugar refinery, pulp mills, and oil refinery that comprise the series, Redpath's attention to detail reveals the effects of time on these monolithic architectural subjects. Works in RE-FINED are technical, beautiful images which respond to shifting understandings about industry as an important feature of the Canadian landscape.

Bau-Xi Photo, Toronto is open daily from 10am-5:30pm, directly across from the Art Gallery of Ontario. 

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DAVID T. ALEXANDER | Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations

DAVID T. ALEXANDER | Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations
June 10 - 24, 2017
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 10 from 2-4 PM | Artist in attendance

Celebrated painter David T. Alexander ignites the long tradition of Canadian landscape painting in Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations with a painterly force and reverence. The exhibition recalls the artist’s time as a participant and workshop leader at the influential Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop in Saskatchewan among the likes of Kenneth Noland, Clement Greenberg and Jules Olitski.
Alexander’s wet series explores water as form by combining luminous color with flattened, uncanny perspective. Reflective pools, elusive ripples and subtle shifts of light and glare are punctuated by tall, vertical reeds which culminate into richly painted surfaces that oscillate between pure abstraction and recognizable natural forms. In his dry series, Alexander continues his interest in evoking dramatic horizon lines, textured craggy terrain and cliff faces with a loose yet decisive painterly hand. Brazen brushwork and localized color create shifting moments that recall the artist’s lived experiences within the varied, rugged landscapes of Canada, Iceland and the United States.
In Land and Mindscape : Perceptions and Sensations Alexander demonstrates that his investigation of landscape is by no means exhaustive.  “These water paintings remind us all that our views of the landscape are always reflections – and they are fragmented and constricted,” shares Alexander. Alexander’s paintings, with their enigmatic, often curious and illustrative titles, leave clues for the viewer to contemplate the fraught nature of landscape as a resource, as a space of memory, as a source of life in all its sublime wonder.

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