Bradley Wood

October 5 - 26, 2023

New York-based painter Bradley Wood (b. 1970) is known for his expressive and chromatically charged paintings that explore depictions of excessive wealth within fictitious domestic spaces.

Through expressive brushwork, Wood’s voyeuristic oil paintings place stylized figures within fictional spaces: tableaux of excess, opulence, and drama. Interested in the infinite possibilities those realms afford him, Wood treats each piece much like a playwright, staging a scene, imbuing each ‘actor’ with an imagined backstory. The artist also finds himself influenced by the works of les Nabis, using pattern and decoration to flatten the picture-plane, further reinforcing that notion of the tableau.

In 2018, the artist was awarded the Moth Art Prize and participated in the Moth residency at the Moth Retreat in Cavan, Ireland. This time away from New York City was influential in the artist’s practice, seeing the inclusion of different foods—recalling Flemish still life paintings—using these visuals as symbols of abundance and opulence; two themes constantly explored through Wood’s practice.

Bradley Wood has been represented by Bau-Xi Gallery since 2021.

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73 X 40 In. - $12,350.00 CAD
Notes for Vic
67 X 41 in. - $11,800.00 CAD
Charlie's Garden
16 X 9 in. - $2,750.00 CAD
Hariette's Doubt
93 X 57 in. - $16,400.00 CAD
Bradley Wood artwork 'Debriefing August' available at Bau-Xi Gallery
44 X 75 in. - $13,000.00 CAD
Arcadia's Road
46 X 79 in. - $13,650.00 CAD
Hawk's Common
31 X 52.5 In. - $9,150.00 CAD
Ida's Succession
28 X 48 in. - $8,300.00 CAD
Floreana Park
76 X 94 in. - $23,800.00 CAD
Cherry Picker
26 X 15 in. - $4,500.00 CAD
Talking to Deny
83 X 46 in. - $14,100.00 CAD
Plaison Isles
45 X 29 in. - $8,100.00 CAD
Working with Gloria
27 X 20.5 in. - $5,200.00 CAD
Yoria and the Lilies
66 x 55 in. - $13,250.00 CAD
Estate Lady
60 X 48 in. - $11,800.00 CAD
Bradley Wood artwork 'Toro And Friends' available at Bau-Xi Gallery
60 x 48 in. - $11,800.00 CAD
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