Refuge, from Meditations - Available in 4 sizes

Chromogenic / Inkjet Print, Mounted to ACP

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

In Meditations, Cole’s lens is directed at the reflective qualities of water; an image is captured in a puddle just as photography captures an image by artificial means. By using the wet collodion process, the artist mirrors nature, conveying the experience of “fleeting impressions of life reflected in water”. The liquid emulsion is literally poured over a piece of glass in much the same way as water might cover a piece of pavement. The magic of photography allows the image to be captured in a permanent way whereas in the puddle when the water evaporates the image is gone.

The artist's archival photographs are mounted to an archival substrate. Please contact the gallery regarding availability. Prices are subject to change as the editions sell out.

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