Janna Watson Profiled in Creators Vancouver

Creators Vancouver's Elizabeth Newton profiled Janna Watson in anticipation of her upcoming February 9th show at Bau-Xi Vancouver, Suspended In Time. Janna shares some of her proudest career achievements to-date, creative lessons from her grandfather and even advice to other artists who wish to make it in the art world. 


Some proud career moments:  

I used to work at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel doing room service.  Through this job, I made connections and had my first solo show in the lobby.  Soon after the hotel commissioned me to do a piece for each floor!  Hands down this experience gave me all of the confidence that I needed to make a career in painting.

Other creators who inspire you: 

My grandfather Arthur Bonnett was my mentor and taught me how to use watercolour.  He gave me painting lessons and would send me to the back field of his farm to draw the essence of a tree.  He once told me “It’s OK, but it needs to be wilder.”  His critiques were honest and he always pushed me to exude more.  I am also inspired by Cy Twombly for his raw and elegant child like mark-making techniques, as well as Joan Mitchell’s sense of colour and strokes.

Curious to hear more from Janna including her advice to other artists? Read the full Q&A on Creators here



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