Jeffrey Milstein | Versailles from Above

Jeffrey Milstein, aerial photograph of Versailles

Jeffrey Milstein, Versailles 01, archival inkjet print 

Known for his impressive shots of Los Angeles and New York City, Jeffrey Milstein recently set his sights on France, shooting the country's historic chateaux from a helicopter.

The sweeping vista of the Palace of Versailles pictured above is one of the artist's favourite images from the shoot. With a background in architecture and graphic design, Milstein has always been fascinated with the elaborate and highly-ordered design of the French landmark.

Equipped with his Hasselblad and an incredibly sharp lens, Milstein approached Versailles at sunset - the "golden hour." He had the pilot fly as close as permissible (one must obtain a special permit to fly directly over Versailles), making steep turns to allow him to lean out of the helicopter’s open sides and capture the perfect view. Characteristic of the acclaimed artist's aerial work to date, this meticulously composed and highly-detailed image shows the iconic palace from an unusual perspective, including not only the gardens and the chateau in the composition, but the town that surrounds them. Viewers can spot the King's Vegetable Garden that supplies the palace kitchens, the Saint-Louis Cathedral and the orderly grids of homes and buildings. 

We are thrilled to be exhibiting this piece at the impressive size of 55.5 X 74 inches in Milstein's upcoming solo exhibition Jeffrey Milstein: Aerials. The show runs March 9-23. The opening reception will be held at 350 Dundas Street West on Saturday, March 9, 2-4pm. 

Click here to read more about the show


 Jeffrey Milstein with helicopter, Francine 2019

Photographer Jeffrey Milstein poses in front of the helicopter used for his recent shoot in France.



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