Designing Artful Interiors I The Peak Lobby

Art has become recognized as an essential component in designing a modern home. When designing a space, interior designers often consider the importance of placing fine art in the home, to help provide a focal point, and further elevate the space.

The modern lobby design of The Peak, a newly built multi-residential development in West Vancouver, was inspired by Cori Creed’s colourful masterpiece “The Golden Hour”.  A large and vibrant coastal scene with gestural trees, skies and mountains, the painting grounds the space and connects viewers to Vancouver’s natural landscape. 

This warm and uplifting interior designed by Insight Design Group for British Pacific Properties expresses the relaxed beauty of the West Coast.  An abundance of natural light, warm wood, and soft furniture give the lobby a welcoming feel.  Jewel-toned accents such as pillows, and a multi-coloured and softly patterned rug, are thoughtfully introduced around the room, subtly reflecting tones in the artwork.  

“Often, when creating a piece, I have no idea where it will end up. In the process of visual storytelling, the site can be very important and it can be interesting to know what other elements will surround the piece before I begin. I also love the physical movement, specifically what that range of movement does for the brushwork, that larger pieces allow. The story that the painting tells up close is about process and creation, the story from a distance is about place and emotional response.” – Cori Creed


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