Joshua Jensen-Nagle | Summer Session


Joshua Jensen-Nagle | Summer Session
July 8-20, 2023
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception Saturday, July 8 2-4pm 

Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver is pleased to welcome summer 2023 with Summer Session, a collection of immersively-scaled beachside imagery from acclaimed Toronto-based aerial photographer Joshua Jensen-Nagle and his ongoing Endless Summer series. Inspired by his abundant memories of summer days surfing with his dad on the New Jersey shore, Jensen-Nagle creates images from a distance that act as memories: captured moments of bliss and solace that call to the viewer to take part in the visual and mental escape. The "escape artist", as Jensen-Nagle was dubbed by the Globe and Mail, photographs beaches in places all over the world including Bondi, Cinque Terre, Capri, Oahu, Mexico and Tel-Aviv. 

Artist Statement:

The Endless Summer series explores my obsession with beach culture and the notion of nostalgic escapism, offering a reflection on my own thoughts and feelings of childhood summers spent along the New Jersey shore …memories of never-ending days floating in the water, jumping waves and surfing with my dad. It was a simpler time and one of the only times in my life that I can remember feeling nothing more than uncomplicated happiness. I often long for the simplicity of those days.

My lens is not meant to document a reality, but rather attempts to capture a feeling experienced within the moments photographed, allowing the viewer to then reflect on their own memories and dreams. If the viewer can connect to the work on an emotional level, I have achieved my objective.

– Joshua Jensen-Nagle 2023



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