Bratsa Bonifacho | No Sugar Added

Bratsa Bonifacho | No Sugar Added
June 17-29, 2023
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception Saturday, June 17, 2-4pm | Artist in Attendance


Bratsa Bonifacho is an established artist based in Vancouver. His work is held in many private, corporate and permanent museum collections across five continents. Major collections held include the Canadian Embassy in Argentina, Museum of Modern Art in Serbia, the National Museum of Serbia and the Department of External Affairs in Ottawa.

Internationally recognized for his deeply layered abstract paintings, Bonifacho has an intense interest in technology, communication and cultural identity which is at the forefront of his current artistic practice. These new works are a continuation of his Celebration series. Bonifacho imitates the effects of computer viruses and worms by scrambling letters and messages in his large-scale oil paintings. His work carries the elegance of programming code and symbolizes the deep layers of chaos and confusion caused by viruses, conflict and crisis.


Artist statement:

My choice of title “No Sugar Added” refers to a paring back of frills and unnecessary adornments to reveal the power of simplicity. I have a relationship with each painting which is driven primarily by emotion. This collection picks up from the previous Celebration series, focusing on simplified grid structure and interrupted code-like symbology. However, while the Celebration series focused on an overall presence of white with bright colour accents, this collection features rich, deep colours in combinations which reflect mood and intuitive impulse, emphasizing the all-encompassing importance of the present moment.

– Bratsa Bonifacho 2023





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