Janna Watson | Skywriting

Janna Watson | Skywriting
February 4-18, 2023
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception Saturday, February 4, 2-4pm*
*artist will not be in attendance as planned due to unforseen circumstances

Toronto-based abstract artist Janna Watson has applied her signature elegant-yet-playful, gestural style to an anticipated new series.

Inspired by clouds, the sky, and the Daoist philosophy of Wu Wei, or “effortless action,” Watson explains how she embraces this axiom: “I meditate when I paint and aim to shut out the terrestrial and the pedestrian. I strive to become an equal player of each pigment.”

Regarding her show title Skywriting: “The sky is my muse. It is no-place and all-places, and as a subject matter, it is my connective portal to nature. Unlike landscape, which references the topography of a specific place, the sky is a numinous entity that draws us toward a preeminent power.”


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