Ted Fullerton | Artist in support of Food Banks Canada

To combat food and financial insecurity in the wake of the coronavirus artists have been collectively engaged in events with fundraising strategies to assist non-profit organizations. To this end, Bau-Xi Gallery and gallery artist, Ted Fullerton, will be collaborating on a fundraising event.

During the Covid-19 stay-at-home advisory, Ted Fullerton completed 30 mixed media drawings over a 10-day period that are intended as an optimistic engagement and consideration of hope during a time of unparalleled global crisis. They are symbolically associated with the notion of the Greek myth and folklore of the Phoenix who obtains new life by rising from the ashes and regenerates. This movement of drawings is referred to by the artist as, Dreaming of a Phoenix from the Flames – in 20/20. They were done as a stream of consciousness – a laconic expression using wet and dry materials on paper that are visually subtle as well as expressively bold.

Complimenting each work from Dreaming of a Phoenix from the Flames - in 20/20 is a collection of poems by Anita Arvast, each written in response to a specific work. A signed copy of this collection of poetry will be paired with each acquisition. View the collection of poems HERE.

All funds raised from the sale of the 30 drawings, as part of Dreaming of a Phoenix from the Flames – in 20/20, will be donated to Food Banks Canada. An open financial offer can be made for a single drawing, a selected few, or the entire suite of 30 drawings. Offers in the form of a bid can be directed to Bau-Xi Gallery by email (toronto@bau-xi.com), with a closing date of May 22, 2020 at 11:59 PM. Once bidding closes, successful collectors will be notified within 48 hours.

All purchases are subject to local sales tax. Local pick-up is available (Toronto and Vancouver), with shipping charged upon check-out.

(Please with your financial offer indicate what drawing(s) you are interested in by number or the complete 30 drawings.)

Update: The following 30 works on paper are sized at 17 X 14 inches, rather than the previously stated 30 X 22 inches. 

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