Size: 48 X 60 in.
Oil on Linen, Unframed

Current location: Toronto

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

A continuation of A River from the Sky :

The waterfall I had just been visiting flowed through a metal culvert under the highway, where it bent around a few big rocks before spraying out over a cliff into the abyss. Within a 30 meter radius, you could go from standing at the base of one of the most impressive waterfalls you’ll ever see - to the very top of one of the most impressive waterfalls you’ll ever see. I’d never been to a spot quite like that before.

Rufous hiked back up to the road and we traded places, leaving me alone with the crushing sound of the water to look out at cliffs and ancient forest. All I could hear was the falls.

I took only a couple of photos and one short video before walking back up to the road. 

But just before I did, a LBB (Little Brown Bird) rustled through a bush, bounced off a rock then flew out over the waterfall- brushing right past my shoulder as it took flight. I watched as it gave two hard flaps of its wings then coasted effortlessly through the mist.

Maybe it was a Pacific-Slope Flycatcher. 
Or Maybe a Warbling Vero. 
It could have been a Dark-Eyed Junco, but also maybe it was a Wren, Warbler or Finch.

Maybe it was a Chimney Swift or possibly a Barn Swallow. 
It might have been a Wild Turkey, or maybe a Ruffed Grouse or a Band-Tailed Pigeon.

Could have also been a Western Screech Owl or a Steller’s Jay.

Or maybe it was that Bald Eagle.

Or maybe it was a Hummingbird.

Or maybe it was a Northern Goshawk. 

I don’t know.

But in that moment, we all took flight together.

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