A River From The Sky

Size: 72 X 48 in.
Oil on Linen, Unframed

Current location: Toronto

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In June, Rufous and I were driving past Gold River, through Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nation. We’d already done a lot of driving that day and I was really stuck in my own head about all the forest fire I had just witnessed earlier in the trip. 

North up near Gold River, the fires were less a threat as the rain kept falling in the area. So when we stopped at the Tsuxwin viewpoint on the side of HWY28, it was a good excuse to stand in some mist and change my mind (for a little while, at least).

As we pulled up, both Rufous and I said some version of “Woah, look at that!” Then got out of the truck and went our separate ways.

I went north of the highway where a waterfall spilled over a high ledge, cascading some 30 or 40 metres down into a pool. I took countless photos - some from far back at the highway, some from up close with my feet in the water, some with the camera pointed all the way up at the sky, some with the camera pointed straight at the splash. 

It looked like this:
A River from the Sky, 72x48 inches, oil on linen
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