Hunedoara Castle, Romania - 3 sizes

Fujicolor Crystal Archive Print Mounted on Archival Substrate, Framed in White with Plexiglass

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"The medieval Corvin Castle (also known as Hunedoara Castle) is perched on a hill overlooking a McMansion below and the Hunedoara steelworks in the distance. At one time, it was the biggest steel-producing plant in Romania. In the bottom center of the image, a boy representing the future is scaling a wall. The photograph is interesting in that it sums up the history of the country in one beautiful landscape." - David Leventi


Leventi's dramatic and refined compositions are captured using 4 x 5 inch and 8 x 10 inch Arca-Swiss cameras to maximize the rich detail in his architectural subjects. Works are presented with photographic paper borders and are mounted to an archival aluminum substrate. The 72 x 90 inch editions are presented mounted with an aluminum subframe for a contemporary frameless installation style or can be framed in white without plexiglass. 40 x 50 and 50 x 60 inch editions are framed in white with plexiglass; frames measure 0.75 inches wide and 2 inches deep.


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