Vicki Smith | Featured in The Walrus

Vicki Smith, "To Be", Oil on Canvas, 36 x 48 inches


We are pleased to share that The Walrus has recently featured Vicki Smith's work and interview in the "Summer Reading Issue"! 

The publication writes: "All of the women in Vicki Smith's paintings are suspended, floating in water and time. Sometimes you can glimpse some rocks or stretch of shore at the edge of a frame, but mostly they are alone, buoyant and unbothered. These scenes are rendered almost romantically, with impasto snarls of blue and green and ochre, and when Smith talks about them, she uses words like "serene," and "meditation," and "memory." The scenes she renders today are meant to be bucolic, reminders of childhood moments that were easier and more carefree, flooded with endorphins." 

Vicki Smith is known for her paintings of female figures that explore the possibilities and limitations of gravity. Often shown suspended in rippling water; twisted and upside-down, falling into and out of the picture plane, these figures are often so precariously placed upon the canvas that they threaten to slip away or dissolve. Though rarely grounded, they are always balanced.

Kindly visit the artist's page on our website to view the current art collection.

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