Sheri Bakes On View at the Nanaimo Art Gallery

Sheri Bakes Artwork | Nanaimo Art Gallery | Soft moody calm pastel impressionist landscape oil painting.

Sheri Bakes' 2015 painting, Bramwell's Garden (right), installed alongside works by Tiwuxiwulh Tyrone Elliott (left) at the Nanaimo Art Gallery. Image © Sean Fenzl, courtesy of the Nanaimo Art Gallery.


Vancouver-based painter, Sheri Bakes' 2015 painting, Bramwell's Garden, has been included in the Nanaimo Art Gallery's exhibition, Small Gatherings, hanging alongside works by Laurence Paul Yuxwelupton, Tiwuxiwulh Tyrone Elliott, Carole Itter, Sarah Robichaud, and Charlotte Zhang. 

Bramwell's Garden was the centerpiece of Bakes' 2015 exhibition, Bramwell's Garden, presented at Bau-Xi Vancouver. This movement of work explored the intimate relationship between two senses: sight and sound. In her 2015 exhibition statement, Bakes states, "While gessoing canvases for this show, I began to wonder what it is like for a conductor who works with a symphony orchestra. I wondered if it might be anything like painting, but with music instead of paint. What if and all the musicians and different instruments were like colours on a paint palette?"

Throughout the development of these works, Bakes researched the frequency at which colours vibrate. Realized in a symphony of tones and hues, this suite was inspired by the works of Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin, Hector Berlioz, Claude-Achille Debussy, Wilhelm Richard Wagner, Rimsky-Korsakov, Charles Fourier, and, as Bakes illustrates, "Bramwell Tovey and everyone who brings such incredibly rich and vivid colours to sound at the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra."

Small Gatherings is the first exhibition presented after the Nanaimo Art Gallery's closure in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the first installment of their 2020/2021 exhibition series, "What moves?". Small Gatherings is on view at the Nanaimo Art Gallery until Saturday, August 29, 2020.



Sheri Bakes' 2015 painting, Bramwell's Garden, installed at the Nanaimo Art Gallery. Image © Sean Fenzl, courtesy of the Nanaimo Art Gallery.


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