New Artist: Isabelle Menin

Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of Belgian photographer Isabelle Menin.

Known for her striking large-scale photographs, Menin refers to her artful arrays of florals as ‘disordered landscapes’. Working with a painter's eye towards digital manipulation, Menin's highly-composed images masterfully layer fragments of exuberant colour, translucent forms and distorted, weeping blooms in a visual cacophony of hyper-natural beauty.

Evocative of a wide range of references, from dutch still life and Matisse's cut-paper collages, to chintz fabrics, and operating with found images and original source material, Menin's expressive approach and aesthetic sensibility explores what she terms 'nature's strange complexity' with a keen sense of light and shadow, form and movement, truth and fiction.

Isabelle Menin's photographs will be debuted in a feature exhibition at Bau-Xi Photo, on view from February 8 - 22.

Born in 1961, Isabelle Menin lives and works in Brussels and is a graduate of the Graphic Research School (ERG) in Brussels. Menin has a background in painting, graphic design and illustration and has exhibited internationally in numerous art fairs and museums, including the the Belgium Modern Art Exhibition , Hongqiao Museum in Shanghai, China, OFF Art Fair – Brussels, Kunstraï – Amsterdam, MIA Fair - Milan – Italy, Setup Contemporary Art Fair, Bologna – Italy, Fotofever - Carrousel du Louvre - Paris - France, and FLORA, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Mons, Belgium.


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