Isabelle Menin | Prabal Gurung Fall 2020

Custom surrealist floral prints by Isabelle Menin, Bau-Xi's newest artist, adorn several looks from New York-based designer, Prabal Gurung's Fall 2020 collection. Gurung considers this season a celebration of New York, "its eclectic misfits and impossible dreamers." 

Menin is known for her intricate and evocative composite photographs, composed mainly of deconstructed floral imagery. Referring to her work as "disordered landscapes," each piece is created "in reference to nature’s strange complexity that looks [...] like human strange complexity." It is quite fitting that her work has been incorporated into a collection that honours the strange complexity of New York and its creatives.

Not unlike Menin's fine art practice, the textiles created for Gurung's collection utilize dark jewel tones and pastels. Through hand-cut silk organza petal embellishments, Gurung has brought Menin's work into the third dimension, affording dynamic movement to her surreal compositions.

A selection of Isabelle Menin's work is currently on display at Bau-Xi Photo as part of her inaugural exhibition with the gallery.



Photographs copyright of Dan and Corina Lecca.

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