Joseph Plaskett Solo Exhibition: New Paintings Released

 Joseph Plaskett, Vatheima, Apples & Window, 2006, Oil on Canvas, 39.75 X 24.25 in.


Bau-Xi Gallery Vancouver and Toronto are honoured to have the opportunity to share never-before exhibited paintings by Joseph Plaskett in concurrent exhibitions running September 30th through October 11th, 2017.

Plaskett is considered one of Canada’s most talented and established artists, and has exhibited with Bau-Xi Gallery since 1973. He was born in 1918 in New Westminster, BC, and studied fine art in Banff, San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris, where he lived for many years. Since the 1940s, Plaskett's work has been featured in over 65 solo and group exhibitions, with paintings in major private, corporate, and  esteemed public collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. In 2001, he was awarded The Order of Canada for Excellence in the Field of Visual Art.

Those who knew Plaskett (“Joe” to old and new friends) were enchanted by his charm, and by his delight in the process of discovery each painting offered him.  He painted intimate scenes of everyday life, evident in this collection of work: flowers bought from the market, fruit and gourds neatly arranged or toppling across tables, the interior of a simple kitchen cabinet, or the view outside his Suffolk home window. Each canvas expresses a warm humanity, and reveals the artist’s mastery of light, form, and colour.

A desire to learn and experiment contributed to Plaskett’s longevity as a painter, as it urged him to constantly develop his practice. Speaking about the last show he was able to attend at Bau-Xi, Plaskett reflected on his life and work: “I constantly make new discoveries. This describes the excitement and joy in which I work…My aim is Beauty, or Joy. Enlightenment comes without too much conscious thought. It comes as a surprise. I marvel at having done something that has never been done before.”

Plaskett passed away on September 21 in his home in England at the age of 96, and is remembered as an influential artist in Canadian history. We look forward to sharing this special collection of works newly released from the estate with admirers and collectors.

Please join us for the Opening Reception on Saturday September 30th, 2-4PM, in both Toronto and Vancouver.





Chinese Lanterns-Night, 2006, Oil on Canvas, 31.5 X 38.25 in. $20,500



Chinese Vase & Fruit, n/d, Oil on Canvas, 23.5 X 17.5 in. $9,500



Pumpkin, Marrow & Bananas, 2007, Oil on Linen, 23.75 X 18 in. $9,550



Pumpkin & Marrow (2), 2007, Oil on Canvas, 16.5 X 21.75 in. $8,750



Green & Purple Cabbage, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 29 X 25.25 in. $14,400



Clivia 2, Gourds, 2009, Oil on Canvas, 25.5 X 31.25 in. $15,500



The Shelves (2), 2009, Oil on Canvas, 28.5 X 21 in. $15,500




Untitled Landscape, 1990, Oil on Canvas, 26 X 47.5 in. $20,550



Cabbage and Onions (3), 2010, Oil on Canvas, 29.5 X 25.5 in. $14,675



Untitled Still Life, 2007, Oil on Linen, 36 X 36 in. $21,500



Vertical Table with Apples (1), 2009, Oil on Canvas, 33.5 X 16 in. $11,300



  Two Amaryllis, 2014, Oil on Canvas, 31 X 31.5 in. $17,750



Pots on Octagonal Table (4), 2007, Oil on Canvas, 28.5 X 39 in. $19,900

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