Vicki Smith | Matter and Memory


Vicki Smith | Matter and Memory
September 12 - 26, 2020
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto

This September, we are thrilled to present Matter and Memory, the highly anticipated solo exhibition by Toronto painter, Vicki Smith. 

When speaking about her inspiration for the newest body of work, Smith explains;  "Matter and Memory is my continuing fascination with how art can trigger an involuntary memory. A memory that is deeper than the recognition of the image. Art acts as a catalyst that can prompt a spontaneous release of emotional memory that may never become fully cognitive, but will present itself as a lingering sensation and a wordless knowing. The fascination and awe that people feel for a certain piece of art is deeply rooted in their personal memory."

Matter and Memory marks Smith's 10th anniversary with Bau-Xi Gallery. Join us from September 12 - 26th at our Dundas Street West location to view the full collection. 

Vicki Smith is a Canadian painter known for her paintings of female figures that explore the possibilities and limitations of gravity.  Often shown suspended in rippling water; twisted and upside-down, falling into and out of the picture plane, these figures are often so precariously placed upon the canvas that they threaten to slip away or dissolve. Though rarely grounded, they are always balanced.

Vicki Smith studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art. She lives and works in Toronto.




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