Tom Burrows | Curve of Time II

Tom Burrows | The Curve of Time II
April 8 – 22, 2021
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Bau-Xi Vancouver is pleased to present a continuation of acclaimed West Coast artist Tom Burrows' The Curve of Time series.

Taking form over the last year of isolation, this exhibition reflects the landscape surrounding his Hornby Island studio. Through an invigorating winter season spent scrounging for firewood and patching leaks, the ever-changing light of the sea, high Southeast prevailing winds and inclement weather are chronicled through Burrows' sculptural panels.

The journey across this frontier is imagined through the resin medium to play out across the artworks' surfaces, subtly patterned after tidemarks and waves, with shifting depths and varying densities of colour. Drawing titles from familiar moorings and neighboring shores, this body of work traces a path through these opens waters to evoke the movement of currents and rippling caustics, their silvery casts reminiscent of overcast skies backlit by the sun.

In The Curve of Time II spring has arrived, the sea turns chartreuse with herring spawn as Burrows charts a new course and prepares his vessel to launch.


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