Ted Fullerton | Re-Imaging: The Four Seasons

Ted Fullerton at Bau-Xi Gallery


Ted Fullerton | Re-Imaging: The Four Seasons
April 10-24, 2021
340 Dundas Street, Toronto

This Spring, Ted Fullerton presents an exhibition of oil paintings, mixed-media drawings, and sculpture in Re-Imaging: The Four Seasons.

Borrowing its name from the eponymous violin concerti by Antonio Vivaldi, Fullerton’s painted series is deeply motivated by Max Richter’s bold re-composition and reinterpretation of this familiar score. Working from his studio in the forests of central Ontario, the artist’s visual language engages with this music, exploring the intersection of music with nature, which materializes in a discerning and optimistic portrayal of Vivaldi’s four characters: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring.

As an audience, we experience Ted Fullerton’s immersive exhibition as a combination of narrative and reinterpretation. Alongside Fullerton’s painted works that were five years in the making, is a new series of mixed-media collage and drawings based on the notion of the Dithyramb, an ancient Greek hymn sung in dedication to the god of wine and fertility, Dionysus. Steeped in rich symbolism and mythology, the viewer absorbs the drama beautifully expressed as a culmination of Fullerton’s fascination with the intrinsic link between music and nature.

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Ted Fullerton at Bau-Xi Gallery

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