Steven Nederveen | State of Flow

Steven Nederveen | State of Flow
July 18 – August 1
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

State of Flow, mixed media artist Steven Nederveen's latest exhibition, continues his exploration of the psychological flow state — a kind of moving meditation — through the movement and physical properties of water.

Through Nederveen's process, a two-fold mirroring takes place: the paint material adopts the qualities of water as fine sprays and heavy pours while textured pools obfuscate the underlying image. The artist's hand, too, becomes the means through which the momentum of the wave is enacted, its force wearing away at the photographic emulsion even as it builds up the artwork surface.

Nederveen's keen engagement with the varied forms of his subject matter recalls the ubiquity of meditations on water and reveals the endlessly evocative potential of this imagery. Each composition captures a singular moment that encompasses a rhythm of perpetual motion, a still image patterned after infinity.


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