Sheila Kernan | This Moment Right Now

Sheila Kernan | This Moment Right Now
August 8 – 22
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

This Moment Right Now, Calgary-based artist Sheila Kernan's first major exhibition at Bau-Xi Vancouver is a timely engagement with the past and present. 

In this new body of work, Kernan skillfully weaves canonical images and personal narratives, drawing references from the stylized illustrations of classic animation and original photographs to render the boundaries between truth and fiction indiscernible.

Known for her intensely saturated palette and tactile surfaces, Kernan's meticulously composed images begin with large-scale drawings and comprise layered mixed-media elements and gestural impasto.
Mediated by the artist's lived experience, distinct sensibility, and richly complex process, Kernan's re-imagining of the Canadian landscape informed by our collective conception of the genre and its source imagery, taking on new and richer depths of meaning with the act of viewing. 


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