Sheri Bakes | Stars in Flowers, For my Mom

SHERI BAKES | Stars in Flowers, For my Mom
3045 Granville Street
September 24 - October 8

A celebration of the close relationship and constant inspiration her mother is to her creative development, Sheri Bakes upcoming exhibition imbues the spirit of her mother with her perennial interest in the effects of light and movement on natural subjects.

"My mother has given me, among other things, the gift of appreciating awe-inspiring beauty in nature. I have spent hours with her in her garden. Whether she works quietly on her own or expresses wonderment and joy in the blossoming of a Dahlia, she shares with me the incredible beauty of both her own physical garden, and her own personal, internal garden."

During the early stage of planning 'Stars in Flowers, for my Mom, Bakes' mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. The physical implications of the disorder left Bakes to wonder how her mother's garden might change. The echo of her mother's constant refrain at the time of diagnosis comforted and encouraged the artist to paint with new fearlessness: "We have to live for today, not worry about tomorrow."

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