Hugh Mackenzie | Show 88

Hugh Mackenzie artwork presented by Bau-Xi Gallery

Hugh Mackenzie | Show 88
Dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Mackenzie 
September 10 - 22 
340 Dundas St. West

Show 88 is for Hugh Mackenzie a proclamation—of age, of loss, and of love. This September, Bau-Xi Gallery will be presenting new paintings by Mackenzie, whose powerful work has stirred the collective consciousness of audiences from the 1950s to the present day. Oil paintings draw on genres familiar to the artist—abstracted cityscapes and portraits that glimpse both the sublimity of the urban landscape and the dark intimacy of the human body in paint. Show 88 will also include works by the late Dorothy Mackenzie, to whom the entire exhibition is dedicated. Dorothy’s still life paintings will showcase her skilled hand in watercolour and oils while also serving as living memories in conversation with her husband's work.

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