Sheila Kernan | Inbetween

Sheila Kernan | Inbetween
August 5 - 17, 2023
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception Saturday, August 5, 2-4pm | Artist in Attendance


Bau-Xi Vancouver is pleased to present Inbetween, the new exhibition from Calgary-based landscape artist Sheila Kernan. Continuing with the west coast themes of her preceding exhibition Real Places, Imaginary Spaces, Kernan delves further into the beguiling beaches and lush coastal forests of British Columbia, uniquely applying Gestalt theory to her process. The result is a collection of immersive, textural scenes replete with the energy of the landscape.

Artist Statement:

Sometimes the in-between isn’t about what’s there; it’s about what is not. Hovering between realism and abstraction, my practice has always embraced “Gestalt theory.” Gestalt theory is a theory about perception: it describes our abilities to recognize complex scenes and reduce them to more simplified patterns and shapes. I aim to reduce scenes and simplify landscapes into shapes, textures and patterns, leaving out some information to allow viewers to fill in the gaps and ‘connect the dots’. At the same time, the many layers within my paintings provide detailed components where we don’t have to use our imagination. This intersection between fantasy and reality is endlessly fascinating to me and perfectly represented in these west coast scenes.

-Sheila Kernan, 2023


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