PATTERN RECOGNITION | Gallery Artists | Jeffrey Milstein Feature

Pattern Recognition | Gallery Artists | Jeffrey Milstein Feature
October 5 - 19, 2019
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 5, 2-4pm


Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present Pattern Recognition, a group exhibition featuring works by Bratsa Bonifacho, Kim Keever, Vicky Christou, Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Janna Watson, Katrin Korfmann, George Byrne, with a special focus on New York-based artist Jeffrey Milstein's aerial photographs.

Painter Bratsa Bonifacho uses order, dis-order and geometric grids in his typographic exploration of sign processes and modes of visual communication, while photographers George Byrne and Katrin Korfmann both utilize composite imagery to subvert the mimetic nature of the photo medium and to act as an intervention with the its relation to a distinct time and space.

Toronto-based photographer Chris Shepherd formulates sculptural assemblages which realize a coterminous hybridity as both construction material and art object. Kim Keever incorporates the element of chance in his large scale works by pouring paints into water to create fluid, evocative compositions.

This curated selection of meticulously constructed and highly detailed artworks reflect the ways in which the photographic lens or painter’s brush activates their respective subject matter. Milstein abstracts familiar landmarks and built environments through the immediacy of flattened depths and the remove of heightened perspective, to prompt a reduction of form into geometric designs of shapes and graphic patterns of pure color.


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