Joseph Plaskett | Home

Joseph Plaskett | Home
October 3-17, 2020
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver

Bau-Xi Vancouver is pleased to feature Home, a curated exhibition of works by late Canadian painter Joseph Plaskett. Home is a retrospective of what Plaskett affectionately termed his "interiors and their contents", a subject that preoccupied him throughout his career.

From scenes of his Parisian apartment to the gardens of his Suffolk estate and the views from his home in New Westminster, a sense of place has long been central to Plaskett's life and practice. These still-life assemblages often include eclectic objects ranging from his art collection and other prized possessions to humble houseplants and modest vessels.

Beyond the development of his technique and style, Plaskett's devotion to the study of his surroundings speaks to an examination of the self, within the mode of self-portraiture, these paintings of his personal spaces and domestic spheres reveal an intimate likeness.

The artifacts of Plaskett's arrangements, posed in dynamic relation, are rendered with masterful, indulgent simplicity, irreverent treatment of depth, and in lush colour. Here, the richness of Plaskett's hand becomes an exaltation of the everyday — a celebration of the familiar dimensions and simple pleasures of home.


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