Alex Cameron | Crashing Rocket

Alex Cameron | Crashing Rocket
November 7-21, 2020
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto

The 40 year career of Alex Cameron has been defined by a celebration of texture and colour, and an unapologetic expression of powerful Canadian wilderness. In his most recent body of work, Crashing Rocket, the artist’s palette is rich and application is controlled, with an impossibly tactile three-dimensionality that is a hallmark of Cameron’s energetic canvases and complex visual lexicon.

The artist's subjects—the varied and animated landscapes of Canada observed during his regular coast to coast travels—are not merely captured or recorded in paint, but rather honoured for their complexity; they are organic, total, and magical environments that live and grow.

Cameron’s paintings have been collected extensively in Canada and abroad. Notable collections include the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Bank of Canada, and The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Art Collection.


Alex Cameron
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