Night Water

Janna Watson | Night Water
September 10-24 | Opening Saturday, September 10, 1-3 PM
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto

Bau-Xi Gallery is thrilled to present Night Water, the highly anticipated solo exhibition for Toronto-based artist Janna Watson. 

Watson’s compelling abstract paintings use colour, line, and energetic brushwork to evoke emotion in her audiences. Elegant, emphatic and powerful – her work possesses incredible energy while creating moments of quiet contemplation. Her pieces are altogether confident, bold and evocative expressions of texture, space and movement.

Statement from the artist for Night Water:

“The heat of blue is the warmth of sadness. From the stillness of difficulty we are often gifted momentum and passion.    

Like catching rain, I am hoping to capture the paradoxical fluidity of motion made transient by time and held by emotion. The layered nature of perception and expression is in the contrasting textures and colour depths. My hope is that this work offers a pause; a witness to the cadence of time at mid-beat and an observation of what is under the surface.”


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