Janna Watson | I Didn't Eat The Garnish

Janna Watson Paintings at Bau-Xi Galleries in Toronto and Vancouver

Janna Watson | I Didn’t Eat The Garnish

June 8-29, 2023
340 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 8, 5:30-7:30 PM | Artist in Attendance

This June, we are thrilled to present I Didn’t Eat The Garnish, the highly anticipated solo exhibition by Toronto painter,  Janna Watson. Reflecting on her most recent body of work, the artist states:

"The inspiration for this series is explorative play. I delved to zoom in to the micro-level of my compositions, moving beyond negative space to capture a more granular experience.

I paint on the ground to contain the gravity of my watery mixes.  Larger pieces have a more magnetizing draw with their ingredients; when I am over top of a work unfolding, I am both inside of it and a part of it. It is this immersive view that inspired the series. The magic of mid-creation and the impending chemical reactions of subduing pigments are humbling. At times they master me, and I aim to capture this vacillant unfolding.

Perspective needs space, to float at arm's length and at a distance. Indulging is equally important.  Eat cake! Eat the garnish too!"


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