Jamie Evrard | Brief Splendours

Jamie Evrard | Brief Splendours

March 3-17, 2018
3045 Granville St, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 3, 2:00 - 4:00pm, Artist in Attendance

Brief Splendours, an exhibition of paintings by Jamie Evrard on view at Bau-Xi Gallery this March, describes both the brevity of a flower's beauty and the elusive discoveries that punctuate the artist’s creative process. Striking and imbued with poetic movement, Evrard's loose, gestural brushstrokes and diaphanous layers of colour, limned by tracery accents, emerge from the paint surface as wholly formed arrangements.

Beyond the exploration of this singular theme, Evrard’s florals act as a vehicle for the incorporation of elements inspired by watercolour staining and sketch-like mark-marking. Her florals become both subject matter and catalyst for Evrard's passionate experimentation with the oil medium, from which has emerged a deft hand and remarkable ease with paint. 

Evrard’s liberal interpretation of her source material coincides with the turning of the artist's gaze inward to relentlessly examine herself as an artist. Much like journal entries, Evrard's compositions often begin in the upper left to make an organic progression across the canvas, which act as a personal record of her practice, documenting her numerous forays into abstraction and formal experimentation. Writ large on the open faces of peonies and roses, this seminal body of work is a testament to a career dedicated to the pursuit of Brief Splendours.
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