BARBARA COLE | Falling Through Time
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
April 1-22, 2017

Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to present Barbara Cole's latest series, Falling Through Time as part of the 2017 Capture Photography Festival. An artist talk will be hosted at the gallery at 2pm at the opening reception on Saturday, April 1st.  

Falling Through Time is a resurfacing—of not just time and place, but Cole too, who collaborates with a past self. An incomplete project comes full circle as the English garden series becomes background to the artist’s captivating underwater portraits. The result is a visual study of time in which personal and mythical histories—refracted through the water surface—layer to create ethereal scenes with an editorial edge. “These women do not exist in a moment in time,” says Cole, but rather alongside it, as extra-temporal travellers who float between history’s layers with confidence and mystery.

Watch Barbara Cole's documentary about the making of Falling Through Time 

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