Anne Griffiths | The Nature Cure

Anne Griffiths | The Nature Cure

March 9 - 23, 2024
3045 Granville Street, Vancouver
Opening Reception: Saturday March 9, 2-4pm
Artist in Attendance

Bau-Xi Vancouver is proud to present The Nature Cure, the anticipated solo exhibition by BC-based artist Anne Griffiths. Griffiths' emotive abstracted landscapes, rendered in a jewel-like palette, reflect the artist's intentional focus on the act of connecting and communing with natural surroundings. The Nature Cure is a timely reminder of our inherent connection to nature and its potential role in maintaining our mental well-being in turbulent times.



As the world becomes an ever-more confusing web of artificial entities and falsehoods, we each struggle to find objective truths and authentic experiences. To me there is nothing more real than the simple act of immersing oneself in nature. It is something consistent that we can hang onto for sanity in this world consumed by ‘alternate facts’ and seemingly endless confrontation.

In this new body of work, I have explored my own reactions to this ‘nature time’. It seems to heal me of stress while time stands still; and there is more beauty to take in than time to absorb it. This grounding in the natural world collides with my angst for the state of our human-centric world. These paintings are the physical and artistic manifestation of that collision.      -Anne Griffiths, 2024


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