New Artists | Curated Exhibition

Bau-Xi Toronto is pleased to present a curated exhibition of works by our newest artists, Gavin Lynch, Bradley Wood, and Kyle Scheurmann. In this exhibition, Gavin Lynch's and Kyle Scheurmann's contemporary landscape paintings are complemented and contrasted with Bradley Wood's satirical domestic figurative paintings.

36 X 24 in. - $5,500.00 CAD
24 X 18 in. - $4,700.00 CAD
Bradley Wood artwork 'Party After 2' available at Bau-Xi Gallery
24 X 18 in. - $4,700.00 CAD
Bradley Wood artwork 'Red Macaw' available at Bau-Xi Gallery
93 X 57 in. - $16,400.00 CAD
Bradley Wood artwork 'Debriefing August' available at Bau-Xi Gallery
33 X 54 in. - $8,250.00 CAD
Slow Cycle
36 X 48 in. - $5,300.00 CAD
Kyle Scheurmann artwork 'The River Flowed with the Blood of the Forest' available at Bau-Xi Gallery
16 X 22 in. - $2,550.00 CAD
Snow Painting #1
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