Bau-Xi Gallery is pleased to announce representation of Canadian abstract painter Vicky Christou.

Vicky Christou explores the illusionary play between colour, proportion and pattern to construct a dimensional surface within the pure form of the grid. Her abstract paintings and pastels are her way of encoding a series of personal experiences in time. 

The metaphor of the shield and veil inform the poetic interplay of her most recent work, which is composed of multiple layers of thick impasto that resemble paint-constructed bas-relief works, working together to form a grid with incredible depth. 

The application of the paint in repetitive patterns in various orders and consistency becomes an industrial system for Christou, constructing surfaces that appear both sculptural and painterly. A grid of acrylic impasto, suggestive of an architectural tapestry, thread throughout the top surface offering varying glimpses into the layers of colour that form the composition. A record of accumulated paint lines are seemingly cast out for a thematic search of the netted form, inviting an optical play between the pigments solidity and illusionary characteristics.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Christou immigrated to Canada in 1969 and is a graduate of the Emily Carr College of Art and Design.

Richly textured abstract paintings and geometric pastels on paper will debut at Bau-Xi Vancouver as part of the annual Holiday Exhibition (December 3 - 28).


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