The Power of The Grid: Bratsa Bonifacho's Tablet Series Installed at Bau-Xi Vancouver

A grid of twenty-four energetic 13 X 13 inch oil paintings installed on the main floor of Bau-Xi Vancouver confronts viewers as they enter the gallery. Placed adjacent to the monumental "Babylonia Two," a painting produced in the style of the more organic paintings within Bratsa Bonifacho's Habit Pixel Series, the power of this installation of mini paintings by artist is magnificent to behold.
The Tablet Series - so called due to its resemblance of the traditional artists palette used to mix paints - is the focus of 'Return to Babylonia', the artists latest exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery. Completed by Bonifacho over the past year, the series incorporates varying motifs, rich paint and symbols of the his earlier work. The miniature size of the panel surface allows the Tablets to be hung as a pair, quad or on their own for an interjection of bold colour into any collection.

'Return to Babylonia' runs October 15 - 29 at Bau-Xi Vancouver.
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